2017 CBCA Children’s Book Week: Escape to Everywhere


As schools start back, the excitement begins to build for Book Week (if you’re already thinking about costume ideas you’ll find lots here! Here, Trisha Buckley introduces us to the theme for 2017 CBCA Children’s Book Week – and the lovely artwork by Freya Blackwood that goes with it! TMB

Schools (in Qld at least) headed back to Term 3 this week, and in many libraries, thoughts turn to CBCA Children’s Book Week, this year running from August 19 to 26. It’s a big event in many primary schools, and there’s definitely a strong increase of promotion in secondary schools, too. We know there’s a direct correlation between highlighting books and increased borrowing stats. When teacher librarian and other educators share their passion for story, children respond positively. It’s definitely a thing!

The 2017 CBCA Children’s Book Week theme is Escape to Everywhere. Freya Blackwood, who won Picture Book of the Year in 2015 for My Two Blankets was invited to create a collection of artwork, and has done an amazing job of offering images that are both thoughtful and whimsical. Over at the CBCA website, Freya provides an insight into the inspiration for her designs. It’s a testament to her ability to hone in on a child’s delight and imagination.

CBCA Book Week Escape To Everywhere 19-26 August 2017

The National CBCA has generously granted Children’s Books Daily (as well as several other websites) permission to publish an image of Freya’s artwork. Merchandise items have been created using the design, and there is something in the range to suit every library and/or child’s needs. All proceeds for the sale of these items goes straight back to ensuring the CBCA (both National and at Branch level) provides support for high quality Australian Literature for children and young adults. It’s possible to view and purchase from either the CBCA eStore, or directly from your local branch website.

Escape to Everywhere is an excellent theme because it offers libraries so much scope for activities, competitions and display ideas. We would love to showcase your decorated library, so post your photos to your social media accounts, and tag us at @childrensbooksdaily and we can all celebrate this important and long-standing event from schools all over Australia.

Running concurrently with CBCA Children’s Book Week is the announcement of the CBCA Book of the Year Awards (BOYA), which have been running for over 70 years. The longevity and integrity of the awards reflects the commitment CBCA have to recognising the talents of Australian authors and illustrators. Some of the books that have been shortlisted, honoured and won, continue to be read now – quality books do not date or go out of style. It’s part of the excitement of the week to see who takes out the awards. Congratulations to all the books that have already been Notabled.

Do you have any exciting ideas about how you will be celebrating CBCA Children’s Book Week this year? We would love to hear from you in the comments. Let’s share and celebrate, with the intention of developing keen imaginations in all of our young readers!

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