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Daily Reading from the Daley Household

 It’s About You

Did you know that the single most important person in your child’s reading development is YOU?

 A LOVE of reading, that most important factor in becoming a lifelong reader, begins at home with powerful children’s books and a house full of words.

A House Full of Words

 A love of reading begins in children’s beds across the world with that last book before they go to sleep; it begins in kitchens where the television is off and books are read over porridge; it begins in the cubbyhouse where shabby copies of much loved children’s books, novels and magazines are poured over on quiet Sunday afternoons (do they still exist?); and it begins with loved adults taking the time out to be present, truly present, and read with a child. There is nothing I love better than the sound of my own mother reading to my children. She uses exactly the same voice and she pulls them in close in exactly the same way as she did with me in my youth.

Creating Lifelong Memories

I remember lying in bed looking at my beautiful old wardrobe and wishing desperately that I too could disappear to meet my favourite characters from ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’. I remember making very cool bookmarks to stick in all the pages of recipes I was going to make from ‘The Womans Weekly Beautiful Biscuits’ – when I left home I stole mum’s copy of this, only returning it years later when I found my own copy whilst working at the Lifeline Bookfair.

My own worn-out and scribbled in copy of ‘Little Cloud’ would have to be one of my most treasured possessions…my own children think it is grotty (I ignore that and bore them with it regularly) but I know they will one day feel the same way about their favourites, ‘Puffling’, ‘Annie’s Chair’ and ‘Tom Tom’. My favourite books from my childhood are well loved. I treasure the inscriptions from friends and families, the dog-eared pages, the smell, and the way the words transport me straight back to my childhood.

And so is the power of reading to transform lives, engage young, eager minds and begin a lifelong love affair with reading…because lifelong readers are empowered.

What You Will Find Here

This a place where those who treasure children’s books and reading with children, can be a part of a community. This is a space where you’ll find information and tips on:

  • Fitting daily reading with your children into your life in a way that makes it enjoyable for all
  •  Guidance on defining, choosing, and finding quality children’s books
  •  Reviews of children’s books old and new
  •  Suggestions for children’s books as gifts
  •  Reading activities to do in the home, school or library situation
  •  Tips on dealing effectively with the challenges that sometimes arise when children are learning to read

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as you enjoy remembering your own much loved childhood books and time spent reading…and that you are looking forward to making reading memories for your own children.