Ask a Professional: Books for Tweenage Girls on Friendship


Ask a Professional: Books for Tweenage Girls on Friendship

“Can you recommend a book for my ‘tweenage’ girl who is dealing with some friendship issues”

So you’re worried about your child’s ability to make new friends and navigate their way through the complexities of friendships. Counsellor and early childhood teacher, Anita Baker, has a book which might help you out.

The Friendship Matchmaker‘ by Randa Abdel-Fattah is a wonderful book for “tween” girls dealing with complex friendship issues. This book explores the very pertinent theme of true friendship and the  complex and ever shifting dynamics of friendship groups.   

The central character, Lara Zany, has given herself the title of “Friendship Matchmaker” at her school and sees it as her role to conduct Friendship Intervention Mediation Sessions and advise her peers on all the behaviours she deems are the “right” way to act to make and keep friends.

Lara is thrown into a spin when a new girl arrives at Potts Court Primary School and has a completely different philosophy on friendship making. Emily believes the only way to have a true friend is to be yourself. The two girls pit themselves against one another in a competition to prove that their ideals are the best. The outcome is quite unexpected for both girls.

This book explores the very pertinent themes of friendships and the complex and ever shifting dynamics of friendship groups. Abdel-Fattah has beautifully captured the elements of friendship making but also the need to believe in and like yourself. I would highly recommend this book to girls from Year 4 up and to their teachers and parents who may be wanting to begin discussions around these themes.

Anita Baker


Dip Ed (Early Childhood); B. Ed. St; M.Ed. St (Guidance and Counselling)

The second book in this series was released recently, ‘The Friendship Matchmaker Goes Undercover‘.  

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