Back to School Series: Lunchboxes and Labels


Back to School Series: Lunchboxes and Labels

Following on from my post about food for lunchboxes yesterday, I’m just following up with an explanation of our actual lunchbox containers and bags – which has nothing to do with children’s books and everything to do with being a parent! Although there is a fabulous series of books called  ‘Legends (in my own lunchbox)’ written by some of Australia’s best children’s authors – so there’s a book connection for you!

Legends in their own lunchbox

I’m very hopeless in many aspects of my parenting life and have posted a few posts like this one here about reality checks about my life – because you guys see my life in only see the Instagram filtered version (though I try to keep it real!). However, I’m very happy to report that I’ve never yet used any form of plastic wrap in my children’s lunchboxes.

ChickPea SinchiesDSC01994

When PudStar started at childcare I purchased a stack of 4myEarth wraps and pockets from Biome and nearly five years on they are still going strong (apart from the few we’ve lost!). I’ve got a range of small containers and Sinchies pouches (for smoothies and yoghurt) from Biome and have recently purchased some Sistema ones from NameMyStuff for salad dressings, sauces and dips. These are all packed into our PackIt or Built bags. Click on the images below to be taken through to where I purchased them (all images from Biome or NameMyStuff).

We have also invested in NameMyStuff water bottles with our names permanently marked on them – because my children pick at and peel off name labels like I pick at and peel off my nail polish. Sigh. These have been a huge hit in the family and Dan insisted he needed one too – well he does lose many water bottles.


Images above from NameMyStuff

Name My StuffDSC01970Kewpie

PudStar and Dan filled every one of the little Sistema bottles with their beloved Kewpie mayonaise. Above you can see Pud adding it to her flask full of soba noodles…some kids cover everything in tomato sauce…Dan and Pud? Kewpie. I gave them both a huge bottle for Christmas.

For bag tags and labels PudStar has Biome bag tags (which are on sale for ONE DOLLAR so I just ordered some for gifts!) on her lunchbox bag and schoolbag which are several years old now and refuse to get old looking much to her disgust. She wanted a new one as she could write her name so.much.better nowadays. She sorted this by painting over her name and re-writing it. ChickPea is just about to start Kindy and has a very cute ‘dogtag’ style label from NameMyStuff.


What’s your school system?

Lunchbox options for Back to School

The titles of each book takes you to the Australian based online bookstore Booktopia. You can also compare prices on Fishpond and Bookworld for Australian purchases.If you live in the US or would prefer to use Amazon click here. If you live in the UK or would prefer to use Book Depository click here. Purchases clicked through from the Children’s Books Daily site result in a small commission. Commission is used in part to maintain Children’s Books Daily and to support community groups which connect children with books.


  1. I really need to get onto this stuff. Considering, you know, MY SON’S IN HIGH SCHOOL. I sometimes use sandwich containers instead of cling wrap and feel quite virtuous. But there is ALWAYS the last minute WHERE’S MY DRINK BOTTLE battle cry, every morning. I was there when you got your drink bottle – tres cool, Dales. Maybe I might start getting organised. You ARE a good influenza on me.

    Max loves his kewpie sauce too! Thank you! xx

    • I really am SUCH a good influenza on you…I mean REALLY…I am saving the world with my lack of Glad Wrap aren’t I?!

  2. Hmmm, yes… I must do this. I won’t tell you what I’ve been using to wrap the kids’ sandwiches… let’s just say it’s not environmentally friendly. To the reusable stuff it is!


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