Christmas Cards for Readers


Christmas Cards for Readers

I’ve spoken before about my annual Christmas card dilemma (first world problem) – to do or not to do. My family and I have had a few not so good years in griefland and with #backboy so for me anyway, I think my annual Christmas card says, ‘we’re still here OH YES WE ARE and we so appreciate and love all those in our village’. Despite tricky times, there are always moments of joy in life.

I am also too scared to stop my annual card lest I send the message that the printed word is dead in my house. The printed word is always going to be alive here in this house…it may also be surrounded by many digital words, but I’m of the opinion that digital and print can happily co-exist.

Below are some of my cards from the last few years.

Peace Joy Sugar VistaprintImages above by

So what are Christmas Cards About?

Once a month or so I go out with my Wise Women for dinner and gelato. These two girls are the wisest women I know, and they also like to eat and debate life – win all round. The Wise Women and I decided that for us these things were important in putting together our Christmas card:

Christmas cards are not about these things…

  • This has been a fabulous year for me
  • My children/cat/dog/fish/chooks are perfect and more beautiful than yours
  • I am so clever because I constantly travel to beautiful places and you don’t
  • I am a creative genius and make original cards
  • The next year is going to be even more perfect than this one was.

Christmas cards are about many things, including…

  • Pausing and reflecting on the year that has been –the ugly times and the times that were joyful
  • Acknowledging that you are still here and you know what time of year it is
  • Identifying that there are tiny specks of good stuff amongst the ugly that sometimes invades and overwhelms our lives
  • Celebrating that we are blessed by the people around us who share the digital and/or real air that we breathe…on this journey of mixed blessings
  • Hope. Peace. Joy.

In order that my Christmas card is also vaguely informative (teacher much?), I very often add a ‘Top Reads in the Daley Household’ list of books to the back. Each member of the house (dog and chickens included) has to list their favourite books for the year. I love reading recommendations from friends, so sharing our own seems a sensible use of space to me! See below for some examples.2013 card

Peace Love Joy Vistaprint

Postcard template from Picklebums
Postcard template from Picklebums


christmas card

So…do you do one or not?

Christmas Cards: Ideas and Designs

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  1. I love you list of what Christmas cards are NOT about, and what they CAN include. Brilliant! This has helped me to confirm that I WILL post cards. We’ve always felt that we didn’t want to be ‘that’ couple or family that are so painfully dull/up themselves/oblivious/fake. (I HOPE) We’re not of course, but it can come across that way without the right tact. So I think we will do some reflecting (which is so helpful and cathartic anyhow – pause is so necessary) on both the great and the ugly and thank people for being there with us in it all. Thanks Megan! x


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