Dyslexia Empowerment Week 2015


Dyslexia Empowerment WeekNext week is Dyslexia Empowerment Week Australia-wide, and it’s something we always join in with at school. For starters we’ll be sharing this fabulous youtube video! For more school related ideas see here. ‘Outside the Square’ is a series of films to increase awareness and understanding of dyslexia in our education system and you can read more about this here.

What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a learning difficulty that primarily affects the skills involved in accurate and fluent wording, reading and spelling.
Characteristic features of dyslexia are difficulties in phonological awareness, verbal memory and verbal processing speed. Difficulties with these are markers of a potential diagnosis of dyslexia. Credit and more information here.

This year to celebrate Dyslexia Empowerment Week all around Australia on Thursday 15 October many iconic structures are being lit RED for DYSLEXIA to help raise awareness.  In Brisbane our own iconic Story Bridge will be a blaze of  RED to celebrate Dyslexia Empowerment Week, helping to send the message to all that children with dyslexia need to be recognised and supported. Check out what is happening for this fab week in your area here. 

Jackie French is Dyslexic!

One of my ALL-TIME favourite authors is Jackie French, who is the current Australian Children’s Laureate (read more here) and the current Senior Australian of the Year. Guess what?! She’s dyslexic! This is what she has to say:

I’m dyslexic. Even today, 115 books published, a couple of million copies and about 25 literary awards later, I find it difficult to focus on single words.

I can print okay – and I’m a fast typist. But my spelling is appalling. Arithmetic is a nightmare. And when I write longhand, sometimes it’s as though the instruction in my brain doesn’t reach my hands, and the words turn into straggly lines. When I’m really tired I can’t even sign my own name. Read the whole article here.

Jackie French is an INSPIRATION and she shares her love of words with people all around the world. Her book ‘I Spy a Great Reader’ is just fabulous and has so many tips for parents and teachers.


Drawing on her own experience with dyslexia, Jackie has written this book to help parents identify the possible reading difficulties their children may have. All children learn differently, and Jackie offers many fun and rewarding way s to help launch your child into literacy. These include games for coordination, concentration and focus as well as helpful steps to kickstart your child into reading and to foster a life-long love of books. I Spy a Great Reader is filled with a wealth of advice, anecdotes and activities – it’s a book every parent and teacher should own.

Another facourite book of mine is ‘Hudson Hates School’ and it’s one that I feel every school library should own, and most certainly all families with a dyslexic child should own.


After another horrible day Hudson declares he will never go back to school. Hudson is good at a lot of things, but spelling isn’t one of them. In fact, having to do spelling tests is one of the many things he HATES about school. After another horrible day Hudson declares he will never go back to school. But one final very different test helps Hudson understand why he is special… And how he can learn to learn!

Good Reads for Young People with Dyslexia

To purchase any books click on title links. Free shipping code until midnight 14/10 is ‘Booktober’. Graphic Novels

Graphic comic books are fast paced with lots of illustrations to support the reading of the text. Some of my all-time favourites for ALL ages are here.

The beautiful Coco Banjo here is new on the scene and a great book to engage young female readers. Lots of illustrations to support the text. Humour and wit wrapped up in a lovely by Nikki Gemmell.

Andy Griffiths, with his humour and supported by Terry Denton’s illustrations are simply the greatest for readers who need FUN. See them here. 

‘My Life and Other Mistakes’ seen here is a great series low on text but heavy on humour and REALLY well written.

For more books which are FULL of humour (which always helps with a willingness to engage with reading!) see here.

Audio books are another great option and I have many posts on the power of these, and suggestions here, here and here.

The ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ series here are fast paced and not text heavy.

Escaping a party to hide in a tree and read the last of 'Coco Banjo'
Escaping a party to hide in a tree and read the last of ‘Coco Banjo’


The titles of each book takes you to the Australian based online bookstore Booktopia. You can also compare prices on Fishpond and Bookworld for Australian purchases.If you live in the US or would prefer to use Amazon click here. If you live in the UK or would prefer to use Book Depository click here. Purchases clicked through from the Children’s Books Daily site result in a small commission. Commission is used in part to maintain Children’s Books Daily and to support community groups which connect children with books.



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