Dyson V6 Absolute Handstick Vacum V The Makerspace Zone


This is not a sponsored post. I was given this Dyson V6 to trial and review and all opinions expressed are my own. 

Cardboard Arcade Creation
Cardboard Arcade Creation

If you’ve been with me here for a while now, you’ll know that I a) am a teacher librarian in a primary school library and b) said primary school library has an active makerspace zone. Makerspace zone?? Well I could (and have) write long journal articles on this, but in a nutshell, ‘makerspaces’ are a global phenomenon and they are basically places where students can tinker, create, build, craft and invent. Libraries are community and school hubs, and in America, and more recently, Australia, librarians are embracing the ideologies behind the makerspace movement, after all, libraries have always been places where the imagination can be fostered and information and knowledge can be accessed, so what better place to have a makerspace zone?

Makerspace zones are also darned messy. Every lunchtime sees our school library full of students from Prep to Year Six crafting, tinkering and building with all manner of recycled materials and dreadful darned itty bitty things like melty beads and little wires. The horror of melty bead things has to be experienced to be believed. Those little plastics bead seem to multiply each and every day and I have been skulking out of work before the school cleaner arrives in the afternoon, for fear that she will look at me with that look again. I’ve been leaving her little notes saying how very, very sorry I am about the melty bead situation…and the piles of wool, embroidery thread, copper tape, scraps of wire and bits of cardboard.DSC08083


This last two weeks has been particularly mess inducing in the library, as Year Six students create a cardboard arcade, based on the Caines Arcade movie…if you’ve not yet watched this short film…set aside 10 minutes and 59 seconds and be prepared to get misty eyed at the gorgeousness of it all. See it here. Cutting

Just in time for the horror/fun of turning the library into a cardboard arcade, the DysonV6 arrived for review and testing. It would be safe to say that I found it hard to take this gorgeous box, which I was sure was going to change my life at home, into work to try it out there. But if ever there was a test of the Dyson V6, it was our makerspace zone and those melty bead things and piles of cardboard. Suffice to say, I’ve been actually waiting for the cleaner to arrive each afternoon – so I can wave my hands around and say ‘would you please just look at these clean floors? Let’s all just look at the floors shall we?’ They are clean. So very, very clean.DSC07993DSC07582 DSC07531

I reckon that the designers behind the Dyson V6 probably grew up in households/schools where tinkering, engineering and problem solving were key as they’ve pretty much designed the perfect handstick in the Dyson V6.

Previously this is how we cleaned up after each makerspace session; on hands and knees, Cinderella-like, sweeping into piles. Then the bell goes and the students look up at me in horror and I sigh and say ‘yep okay, go. I’ll finish up the cleaning’.DSC07577

The Details

The Dyson V6 is lightweight (2.3kgs), super easy to manoeuvre and goes from carpet to hard floors to library shelves :).

The wand can be removed with the push of a button and tools attached to the cyclone pack for spectacularly sucking up dust from library shelves (or cleaning your car if you are so inclined!).

Small children can work this thing out in under two minutes and as it looks like a robot, is shiny, makes a great purring noise and requires you to zip around…it’s pretty much considered a high end toy. Thank you Dyson for combining child appeal and a cleaning product.DSC08003

The Dyson V6  direct drive head is engineered to simultaneously suck up both large dirt and fine dust with 28AW suction power  – melty bead things and book dust and bits of torn cardboard.

The bagless technology is what has always set Dysons apart for me and the V6 is so simple to empty that I kept looking for something more complicated before I decided that yes, it really was that simple; push big red button and empty the 0.4L receptacle over a bin.

The Dyson V6 will run for about 20 minutes before you plug it back into its little docking station. Dear glory this is nothing like the docking station on my old handheld vacuum cleaner – that thing is going straight to the makerspace zone to be pulled apart and have its parts upcycled into something more useful.

Are you a Dyson owner? Favourite Feature? Do you have a makerspace zone 🙂 ?

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  1. I feel like this is a prophetic post for me. Kind of joking and kind of serious. Not sure if it was the exact same model but I used one of these at a friends place just last week and am kind of coveting one for home now. Feeding small children requires sweeping up crumbs and sticky mess on my hands and knees with a dustpan, multiple times, daily. It’s enough to make me want to skip food all together and breastfeed forever. On second thoughts, maybe not, but anyway… I am reluctant to put too much hope in an appliance as my salvation – I think the thermomix is sometimes flaunted that way (and while I do enjoy it’s presence in the kitchen, it just helps not saves) – This, however, really feels like it could save me a little sanity. I mean, I’ll still put my hope in Jesus for the main things, but a mother needs all the help she can get, right?

    • Oh this made me laugh so much! I couldn’t agree more! It is of course just a tool, like the Thermomix…but oh by glory it’s a handy tool! I honestly seem to spend half my life sweeping up the floor and Miss Seven is MORE than capable of using this so I am SO EXCITED!

  2. I love my Dyson handstick – 4 years later and still going strong. I just phoned them today for a replacement part and the service was very good.

  3. I love my Dyson V6 Absolute! It has changed my life and my home. I do wish I had bought it earlier, as it would save hundreds of hours on hands & knees, sweeping up after toddler meals! It gets everything & the amount of dust, hair and beads that is not visible to the (tired human) eyes gets sucked up easily. And yes, the kids can be bribed / encouraged to use it because it is lightweight and relatively quiet.


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