Easter Gifts Part Two: For the Grownups


I spoke earlier in the week about my love of Easter ‘homewares’. I seem unable to resist the whites, greys and pastel perfection of bunnies, bilbies and homewares. I don’t really love Christmas home decor…but Easter? I could have it up all year round, it’s something about all those birds nests, all the pastels and whites – so very, very calming!

I always buy Easter gifts for the teachers and school officers/staff, because quite frankly, Term One is HARD WORK and they deserve a gift. People discuss the ‘to buy teacher gifts or not buy teacher gifts’ thing endlessly on social media at Christmas and Easter, and it divides the masses. Many people are of the opinion that teachers and school officers are paid and that is thanks enough. Maybe it is because I see it from the inside of a school, although I am a NOT a classroom teacher (I was not built of tough enough stuff to work in a classroom for more than five years), but I just cannot comprehend not thanking the school staff PROFUSELY for educating and caring for my children. I mean children VOMIT and heartily SNEEZE on our Junior School receptionist and she doesn’t even flinch (mostly).

Good teachers and school staff can set the path for your childs future; they inspire, empower and guide our children alongside us as parents. Good teachers and school staff are pure, precious gold and brightly shining gems. Good teachers throw their heart and soul into their class each year and find teaching exhausting and rewarding in equal measure. Good teachers deserve an utterly genuine ‘THANK YOU’ for what they do. This thanks does not need to be expensive, it just needs to be heartfelt.

So here’s what the grown ups (teachers, school officers, aunts and grandparents) are getting for Easter from us. Do note the lack of books…I’m not ALL about books! Ha!

For Easter books see here.

Let there be chocolate. And oh how gorgeously packaged and grown up the Bahen and Co chocolate is and taste wise you can’t get much better.  Sticking with chocolate the Alter Eco Salted Brown Butter chocolate…I can eat a whole block in two minutes flat. Just saying. Teachers are getting plates from Bed, Bath and Table with our chocolate Easter bark. I have a small obsession with Bed, Bath and Table Easter products and in fact Kym, Jo, Mel and I have just spent 40 minutes texting each other about the 25% off and what we’re getting for teacher gifts…hi ladies!

Teatowels, also from Bed, Bath and Table are also the bomb for teacher and grandparent Easter gifts which won’t break the bank. They do a mean teatowel at Bed, Bath and Table…I know because I have a drawer full of them. 

Grandparents who host Easter are getting these super cute personalised table runners.

And everyone is getting ‘Sow and Sow’ seed gift cards from Biome because they are SOOOOOOOOOOO pretty, Australian made so the seeds will actually suit our climate and Easter is all about new life. I have purchased these little kits for a while now and absolutely love gifting them – the set of six is the best value. 

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