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With the Summer holidays approaching (yes I know it’s only week two of Term Four, but we all know that Term Four is a blur), it’s time to turn our minds to ‘Summer Reads’ and activity books. Holidays in our house are lots of art and craft, days of gardening, playing with neighbours and swimming…but I always like to get a few ‘activity’ books or journals for downtime in the afternoons (ha! who am I kidding) and this is the time of year that new options start to appear on the market.

I’ve seen ‘How to Feel Awesome Every Day’ by Elly Awesome (illustrated by Astrid Hicks) everywhere and I will admit I was cautious because I had no idea who Elly Awesome was and I’m fussy with journaling books which I give to tweens and teens…they deserve the very best, not something slapped together for Christmas sales.

No need to fear! ‘How to Feel Awesome Every Day’ has been produced with careful attention to quality design and author Elly Awesome is not only a fantastic role model for tweens and teens, she also has the lingo and celebrity factor to appeal to the target audience. My Year Six students at school were suitably impressed with the book, which was the final tick of approval for me and it’s now my ‘Must Buy’ recommendation for tweens and teens. It depends on the maturity of your child, but I’m recommending the book from 9 +; there is some talk of social media, and my children WILL NOT have their own social media until they are 13 (!), but just about every small person I know is aware of Instagram and understands hashtags better than most adults. You can find Elly Awesome is a presenter on ‘Toasted TV’, and you can find her on FacebookInstagram and on her YouTube channel here. I’ve no idea who I missed her actually.

Right from the introduction of the book, Elly is at pains to say that life isn’t always easy and we all have our own personal struggles; this is no ‘your life can be totes awesome if you do A, B and C book’…thank goodness. Her goal is to help young people feel as awesome as can be by offering age appropriate advice, pages to do some guided journaling, DIY’s, activities and quotable quotes. I particularly like that she takes a bit of a growth mindset approach, with lines like, “I think challenging yourself is pretty awesome, it’s a great way to build confidence and grow. Totally surprise yourself with what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it”. She also advocates for flipping mindsets from what we have to do (and creating ‘To Do’ lists) to thinking about things we have to stop doing and creating ‘Un Do’ lists. Mindfulness practice is also touched upon with the beautiful double page spread about laying down on a blanket and watching the clouds go by…with just one rule – no phones!

There are some excellent DIY pages and recipes include: Overnight Oats; Awesome Energy Bites; Mega Awesome Choc Chip Mug Cake and Funky Fruit Pops…all of which could be made with little to no assisstance which is a win!

The Summer Bucket List page is full of fun suggestions like having breakfast for dinner, making your own slop and slide, watching the sunrise, planting a tree or reading a new book (yay!). As well as relaxing, there is some tough love peppered throughout the book, like tips to stop procrastinating and an *important life skills alert* about being awesome with money and how you be a super saver. There are tips for success at school and information about why volunteering is cool and why kindness rocks.

I feel like Elly Awesome has covered all bases with this book and covered them with style, funk and love. There is a very good reason I keep seeing this book everywhere; it really is awesome and shines brightly in an overcrowded ‘self-help’ book market.

PudStar (9) is getting this book for the Summer holidays and I’ve been pondering ways to keep her engaged with the content. Sometimes I find she will work through an activity book for a while and then lose interest, or she will do the ‘fun parts’ and leave the ‘tough love’ for another time (that time is never). This is a personal book to work through and needs to be fun, not a lesson or ‘homework’*. I really want to motivate her to do this herself and to feel awesome about herself while she does it; if I wave the big stick and insist she sits down and does it, it isn’t going to happen, isn’t going to be meaningful and isn’t in the spirit of the book. So I’m going to try the following: some new gel pens to fill out the book with, a cute bag to keep her book in, stickers for her to place on each page as she finishes it (because every kid wants to be a teacher and hand out stickers at some point!), and the promise that I will let her cook each and every recipe and take her to the store to buy the ingredients in a timely fashion!


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  1. Do something kind for someone else when you are feeling down yourself. It takes the focus off your own woes and gives you a feel good kickback as a bonus.

  2. Be kind, be brave & love yourself. You are awesome. Different is good. (And listen to your parents 😂)

  3. Express yourself…whether it be singing at the top of your lungs, dancing along the footpath on the way to school or painting a masterpiece. Show your joy and enjoy every day!

  4. Making sure that we add “yet” to all those “I can’t” statements. I can’t do it yet or I don’t understand it yet. Seems to really help my 13yo.

  5. Most people are so absorbed in their own world, they haven’t had time to notice or remember your fear of snakes/embarassing trip up/pimple/ unmatched socks. Carry on as your awesome self!

  6. Know it’s ok to be different and be kind to yourself. Everyone has their own strengths and everyone around you is trying to figure out where their talents lay so don’t think you are the only one who hasn’t worked it out yet.

  7. 1. How you feel rubs off on others. If you want your friends to feel awesome, you have to feel awesome too.
    2. Nothing is permanent. If you are having a not so good day, not so great moment, a tricky class, a broken friendship, it won’t be forever. Things can change!

  8. Stay true to yourself. Keep a journal with goals and dreams and always try to do your best to work towards them! Print/cut out pictures of what you want as well to put around your room. If you wake up with positive everyday it will help you towards living it!! <3

  9. Our kids’ school teaches them the message “Do your personal best no matter who you are working with” – and I’ve told them this is the key to awesomeness. Forget what others think about you, and learn to tolerate/celebrate the quirks of others. Then just get on with doing all the things!

  10. You are you, I am me – we are all different and that’s what makes the world an awesome place. Be the change you want to see in world around you. Life is one step at a time and sometimes we need to take a step back before we can move forward again.

  11. Anything can be made better with a deep breath, a trusted friend/family member to talk to, a cup of tea and a smile.

  12. Practice mindfulness, gratitude and empathy daily! Helps to build positive mental health & gives young people the belief in themselves and their awesomeness 🙂

  13. Be your own best friend.
    Knowing who and what makes you happy, sad, frustrated and mad and knowing that that’s all ok and very normal. We all have a story, the story changes, surprises us and challenges us. We all deal with our story our own way and that’s ok.
    Be kind and forgiving.

  14. Know your own quirks that hold you back, recognise them when they pop up and stare them down. This works wonders for my girls.

  15. It’s OK to make mistakes, it’s how we learn. Other people will make mistakes too, they are also learning. Most people are trying their best so be kind to them and yourself.

  16. One of the best ways we help to make our daughter feel awesome is in the car on the way to school we have a Pep Talk. I say affirmations like “I am smart, I am brave, I am strong, I am loved by my family, friends, and teachers, I am amazing just as I am, I love learning and growing each day even when its hards as I know important thinhs can sometimes be hard. I love life!! I love myself! She repeats them and we listen to an upbeat happy song and have a sing along. Its such a great way to start the day and is a great way of teaching her to have positive internal dialogue. Also icecream. Its never fails.

  17. Smile! It might sound silly, but smile at yourself in the mirror in the morning. Then smile at your family and friends. Everyone looks and feels awesome when they smile.

  18. Never be afraid to say SORRY and admit you are wrong. And to also forgive others wholeheartedly – no grudges! That is what makes you awesome!

  19. To feel awesome, you should think of one thing you like/love about yourself everyday and be proud of it, no matter what it is.

  20. Be who you are and not what people want you to be and when things get hard just keep turning up – adversity makes you stronger!

  21. Be yourself even if your friends are doing something different always be yourself. There’s only one you and you’re perfect as you are

  22. Pick a time at the end of the day to reflect on all of the things you are grateful for. We do this as a family at the dinner table.

  23. Do what you enjoy, regardless of whether or not you are good at it.

    Think about yourself in the third person – you would never tell a friend that they are ugly or no good – treat yourself the same way.

  24. Never listen to other’s as they attempt to put you down. They are just insecure and cowardly. Always remember you are better then any bully.

  25. Start a happy journal to keep track of all the good things in your life. Can be as big or little as like. You’ll be surprised how many you can list after a few days. Also don’t forget Oscar Wilde’s words… Be yourself. Everyone else is taken 😊

  26. Be the kind in the world. I can only hope that my children value each person’s individuality and strive to find the kindness in everyone.

  27. Be grateful every day. We can always find something in our lives to be thankful for. Being grateful makes you feel happy.

  28. Of a morning when my Miss 9 heads off to school, I tell her to do the best that she can do TODAY and often remind her that her best will be different each day, and that is ok.

  29. Start the day with a smile and by interacting with a ‘real’ person, be kind and caring and don’t be afraid to shine. xxx

  30. Listen! Nothing makes a person feel more awesome than feeling valued and heard..invisibility is isolating. Its free and easy 😊

  31. Take time to stop and appreciate your surroundings, whether it be people, places, emotions or the simplicity of quietness.

  32. Be yourself, hold your family and friends close, learn from your mistakes…and only borrow your mums stuff when she’s not looking!!

  33. Create a secret hand slapping routine with someone who puts you to bed at night. A special way for the two of you to sign off the day. To keep it interesting, you can add extra bits or change it slightly each week. If you have two homes (e.g. alternating between parents), you can have one for each. You can even add some words – make up a little ditty or mantra (especially good for those challenging days we all have now and then). A lovely way to reconnect and clear your mind for a good night’s sleep.

  34. We sit down every night and each discuss the best thing that happened to us that day. Some days are bad, but if we try, we can find something good- maybe someone was kind, perhaps we have clean sheets for when we fall into bed- there’s always something, even if it is small- and often, the smallest things matter the most.

  35. Honestly, I make sure I’m always telling her how smart she is, or how kind, or that her hair looks good that day. Not laying it on in a thick or fake way, just little things that remind her she IS awesome, for so many different reasons. Also, being there to listen, not judge, just listen.

  36. Every day is a new day. Don’t worry about yesterday’s mistakes and don’t stress about tomorrow because it isn’t here yet.

  37. Sometimes you’ll be flat, sometimes you’ll be sharp but always be natural. One day at a time be the best you can be. Each day is a new day. Carpe Diem.

    I have two Yr7 students graduating to High School at the end of the year and I know the girl would just love this book but what about the boy? Would it suit him too or should I look for something else?

  38. Give your tween or teen praise and credit when it is due, give them attention, encourage them to try new things and let them know when you are proud of their achievements.

  39. Be You, Everybody Else is taken! And for my sassy nieces who sometimes resist the sappy stuff : Check yourself before you wreck yourself, girl! (Our context is about not being mean to or too hard on yourself)

  40. We all have strengths and weaknesses and it’s important to look for the positive and good in everyone. Be the BEST person you can be and stay true to yourself, happiness naturally follows when you listen to that good voice inside yourself. You are genuinely beautiful

  41. Being true to myself makes me feel empowered:
    Your destiny. Choose it.
    Your voice. Use it.
    Your mind. Feel free to lose it.

  42. To quote one of the pages of wisdom from my nine year old daughter, who’s going through a hard time (thus, lots of self penned affirmations on her wall – I’ve removed some typos 🙂 ): ‘Don’t let ANYONE stop you from accomplishing your dreams. So, be brave if you are going through hard times. So, be happy. So, be strong’.


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