Inscribing Children’s Book Gifts


Inscribing Children’s Book Gifts

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The first gift that was given to me when I had PudStar eight years ago was Puffling’.

It was given to me by the wonderfully talented Trish Buckley. I cried immediately on opening and reading the inscription. Okay I had just had a baby, hadn’t slept for about three days and the baby wouldn’t stop crying, but I still tear up every time I read her inscription. ‘Puffling’ is a gorgeous book to give as a ‘Welcome to the World’ present and is on my list of books to give to babies.

puffling 2


I have many books from my own childhood, and the ones I have kept are the ones which are inscribed to me personally. It’s so lovely to see the dates and remember who gave them to us. I have all my old ‘Miffy’ books and each has name written by mum, with the year they were purchased (librarian much?). Mum still writes in all the books she gives to her five granddaughters, except now she has gone upmarket with a sticker which has space for the child’s name, and says ‘a book gift from Nonna and Papa’.


You’ve no idea how much I love seeing these inscriptions from…hmmmm…SOME TIME AGO.


Honest to goodness, Trish writes THE best inscriptions doesn’t she? Look at this one:

five people

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  1. Bloody hell miss, I am a weeping mess. I miss writing stuff to/for you. You’re kind of a muse for me. Remember all those ridiculous poems I wrote?

    I must love you or something.

    This is an awesome looking & very useful website. Well done you….


  2. I love inscribing books for birthdays and graduations and ‘baby’s first library’ baby shower gifts. I’ve never read ‘Puffling’ but I will be checking that one out for my littlest, for sure! Thank you for sharing!