Library Shelving = BEST.PRESENT.EVER


Library Shelving = BEST.PRESENT.EVER

For PudStars first Christmas we got her…LIBRARY SHELVING!

Really what child doesn’t want a bit of organisation in their lives? Anyway, I was happy with the shelving/present, Dan was unsure but not wanting to ruin my excitement, and PudStar was not even one…she just wanted to rip open some paper.

Present Time!

I really do love this shelving, and I know that deep down PudStar loves it too. It’s changed in use as she’s grown and now that Chickpea is around it’s changing again. We have lots of reading nooks around our house, but I think this shelving is my favourite. It was easy to install (well my builder brother did it and said it was easy), and it is perfect for a bit of wall that is not being used.

Expert Help

There are all different configurations you can purchase in this range. I like this one as I can put everyday books in easy reach of PudStar and ChickPea, and MY signed, first edition, highly prized picture books up the top…where PudStar can see them and admire their exquisite beauty…but can’t actually reach them without climbing: and an athlete she ain’t.

Mine are from Elizabeth Richards. They are so much better than a normal bookshelf as they are slimline, books don’t fall off them, the books are forward facing so covers can be seen, and they fit so many children’s books on them.


 I could rave all day about how much I love this shelving, but I suspect few people are still reading this.





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