Literature Supporting Sustainability: ‘Eco Warriors to the Rescue!’


Literature Supporting Sustainability ‘Eco Warriors to the Rescue!’

Title: Eco Warriors to the Rescue!

Author: Tania McCartney

Publisher: National Library of Australia

Age Range: early childhood – lower primary

Themes: native flowers, native fauna, habitat, sustainability, waste management, Australia

eco warriors cover

At work I have a group of keen students called our ‘Earth Angels’. We do all manner of interesting things: upcyling old pots and pans as planters; maintaining our worm farms and towers; composting; planting out our kitchen garden; looking at ways to manage school and community litter; and generally focussing on sustainability issues in our school and local community.


So it was with much delight that I read Tania McCartney’s new book, ‘Eco Warriors to the Rescue!’ with my Earth Angels. Combining modern photography and typesetting with historical artworks from the archives of the National Library of Australia, ‘Eco Warriors to the Rescue!’ makes our NLA’s beautiful collection of botanical art accessible to the very young. The book also includes interesting facts about Australian flora, as well as floral emblems and birth months, and further ideas on how to keep Australian green.

Main characters Banjo, Matilda and Ned are three young friends who are keen to find out how to care for our native plants. They enter the actual pages of their favourite botanical book and as they journey through the book, they share ten tips with the reader about caring for our environment.

Despite having many books in our school library with a focus on sustainability ‘Eco Warriors to the Rescue!’ is a great addition to Australian primary school libraries, with its focus on native Australian plants, habitat and tips on caring for our local environment. With sustainability being a cross curriculum priority in the Australian Curriculum, ‘Eco Warriors to the Rescue!’ will be a much used resource by teachers in their planning and teaching.

The Earth Angels and I have used ‘Eco Warriors to the Rescue!’ in the following ways:

  • Adding native plants to the school grounds has been a priority this year and with Arbor Day approaching, we have been selecting native plants to add to our school grounds, as part of the Brisbane City Council Green Schools program. You can read more here. ‘Eco Warriors to the Rescue!’ was an excellent starting point for our younger Earth Angels regarding what native plants are, why they are important and how to care for them.
  • Forming a personal connection with a book, and in this case also a sustainability issue, is a great way to get students enthused. With birthdays always high on the list of exciting times in the life of a child, we used ‘Eco Warrior to the Rescue!’ to look up our native birth flowers, and then used the website suggested in the book to research our flowers.


  • There are ten tips collected throughout the book by Banjo, Ned and Matilda. We re-created these ten tips to display around the school and present on assembly. Again, personalizing these tips to our local community has helped the students to gain the most value from this book.


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