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middle-school-the-worst-years-of-my-lifeMiddle School would have to be one of the most anticipated films of 2017 for the tween market and deservedly so. For his ‘Middle School’ series, bestselling author James Patterson created book characters full of heart and humour and they were absolutely destined to jump from the book to the big screen. The trailer below is full of all the oddball humour that the books cram in, so I’m itching to see the movie – just need to borrow some middle school age children!

The movie tie-in version of the book can be purchased by clicking on cover image or here (FREE SHIPPING CODE IS ‘CELEBRATE’) and it is always such a great compare/contrast if your kids will read the book before or after the movie. Books to movies can also be a great incentive to encourage reluctant readers – and if this ends up being the book which hooks in a reader…well James Patterson has JUST A FEW more to keep them going!

Thanks to Penguin Random House and Roadshow Films, I have three packs to giveaway to celebrate the movie premiere and movie tie-in version of the book. 

Each pack includes:

An admit four pass

The Middle School film tie-in book

A wonderful collection of things to draw with and on including bag, t-shirt, colour markers and more.unnamed

COMP CLOSED 19/1/17! Congratulations to Brooke, Maree and Louise!

To enter, simply comment below with what rule you would add to the ‘Code of Conduct’ book if YOU were the principal. Mine would be, ‘students must carry a book with them at all times and, once read, swap it with a peer’. Entries close 15/1/17 at midday. 

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Entry is open to residents of Australia only. Competition opens 10/1/16 at 6pm and ends at midday 15/1/17.

Entry is a game of skill and chance plays no part in determining a winner.

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Prizes are not transferable or redeemable for cash.
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  1. Code of conduct.
    Each week one student from all classes must write a book review for the school newsletter!

  2. If I was the principle and could add a rule to the ‘CODE of CONDUCT’, it would be that ‘all students are required to read at least one book of their choice and write a short review every night for homework’.

  3. Every teacher (and the principal) must dress as a character from the Harry Potter series during Book Week and together they must perform a choreographed Hogwarts dance in front of the whole school.

  4. My rule would be : Every student must contribute a story/doodle/poem/drawing/photograph to a book that will be published by the school. (This is NOT the yearbook – but another book showcasing the creativity of the students)

  5. Was thinking – Mrs Daley does not have to attend any school sports’ days 🙂 but my actual rule would be :- All students are free to doodle whilst listening to teachers or their classmates.

  6. No homework for K to year 6 students except for spelling and home readers in the younger years. Instead they are encourage to play outside, read, help around the home including preparing a nutritious meal, eat at the dinner table as a family, and go to bed early.

  7. My rule would be ‘no matter how big or how small, everyone’s favourite book is a valid choice because reading comes in all shapes and sizes!’

  8. All students can attend school in full uniform or dressed as a book character of their choice. If it is the latter, they must be able to name the character and book if called upon to do so.

  9. Students and Teachers must give a Book Talk every fortnight and there must be silent reading every day in school

  10. All students must be able to share one interesting fact about their day before leaving school each afternoon. Then hopefully when their parents ask them “What did you do at school today?” they will have a better answer than “Nothing”!!! 😀

  11. My son’s entry:
    “Everybody has to do art in every lesson, and if your doodles get together to take over the classroom – even better!!”

  12. At least 15 minutes a day in class time should be devoted to reading for pleasure and the same time allocated to creative writing.

  13. The cafeteria is govern by traffic lights, no talking on red and soft talking allowed on green and if you see yellow then just finish your sentence

  14. Three strikes and you’re out, no if’s, no but’s, bye bye, time to find a new school, or perhaps even home schooling for you!!!!!

  15. I would make sure a buddy system was set up where everyone gets assigned a person or two and if they are alone or have no one to play with you would keep that person company, but it wouldn’t be with people you are normally friends with. So kids get to know all different personalities and hopefully would stop some kids missing out and having no one.

  16. My rule would be: All students must have a book bag for book transport and corner protection. No bent corners allowed!

  17. “All students must omit cabbage, curried eggs and baked beans along with all other foods that may induce flatulence from their lunch boxes. So as not to insult the noses of teachers and students peers within the confined space of the classroom.”

  18. The Code of Conduct Book would have a rule to help everyone have something to read. During Book Week, students halve their lunch money and donate it to the library for new books. For every new book purchased, an older one is given to a school in a third world country.

  19. My rule for the Code of Conduct book if I was principal would be if you go on a family holiday during school term to write a diary of your travels to share with your class, and that everyone should borrow a book from the school library each week and who reads the most books for the year will win a prize to encourage reading.

  20. My principals rule would be:
    ‘No homework, just read something that interests you’.

    My kids get way too much homework, both myself and them hate it, and I really finds it takes too much precious time away from just simply being kids, and also from the amount of time they have at night to read for leisure. They all absolutely love reading so we always squeeze it in of course.

  21. Every student must hand in their smart phone for credit at the school cafeteria, the less time they spend on it, the more time for treats!

  22. Every one (including the staff) must smile at everyone they walk pass. Sore cheeks at the end of the day is a bonus.

  23. You must carry a water bottle. No other liquids to be served on school property!!! (water doesnt stain books like chocolate milk or coke does either!!)

  24. I’d make it a rule that children couldn’t bring bags of chips and Tiny Teddies and the like to school… all that overly salty, sweet, processed muck is no good for them and far too many kids regularly bring that stuff to school!

  25. Students must ensure they are involved in at least one extra curricular activity that involves physical exercise.

  26. The first 15 minutes of every school day starts with 15 minutes of silent reading. I used to do this with my class when I taught primary school. It gave them more appreciation of literature, a love of books and quiet time to really get lost in the wonderful world of the book of their choice.

  27. I would have rules that if you go on a family holiday during the school term, you are to write a travel diary to read to the class. You need to borrow a book from the library each week and I would have a prize for the student who reads the most books during the year, and allow ten minutes in class time for reading each day either to yourself or another student

  28. I would make my rules if students go on family holidays during the term they are to write a travel diary and read it to their class. Students are to borrow a library book each week, and I would have a prize for the student who reads the most books at the end of the year, and allow ten minutes each day in class time to read to themselves or to another student

  29. My rule would be: no shoes and socks in summer! The children should be encouraged to draw, write and read as possible. I think the librarian should be much more important in each school.

  30. Never leave a pencil blunt or broken. If you see it, sharpen it.
    And everyone is to (learn and) use their manners, you are never too young (or old) to use your manners.

  31. I entered this yesterday but my entry didn’t go through so I’m trying again.
    Mine would be spending the first 15 minutes of every day doing silent reading. I did this with my class when I was a primary school teacher. It fosters a love of books, produces life long readers and gives children quiet time to get lost in the book of their choice. Thank you

  32. I would make my code of conduct rule when students go on family holidays during school terms they have to write a travel diary of their trip to show the class with photos, and make reading compulsory in class time 10 minutes a day either reading to another student or to themselves

  33. I would have a rule to write a travel diary if you go on holidays during school term, and share it with your class when you return, sharing all your experiences and adventures

  34. Children must role play their favourite character for 10 minutes a day then swap their character with their peer for the following day.


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