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PowerPoint PresentationThanks to Penguin Random House, we have just had a visit from Tony Flowers and Nick Falk who are two of my favs in this children’s literature business – though I did give up a Matt Ottley book launch for this event guys! Last week we had Matt Stanton come to visit (see here) and like him, Nick and Tony engage children in reading through what kids enjoy most of all in life – laughter. Their books are wickedly funny, full of bodily function jokes and are guaranteed page-turners. As adults, we sometimes feel it is our role to move our young people on to more serious and suitable literature – but if you want to set your child up to love reading – give them the funny books.

So often we dismiss ‘the funny books’ as somehow less worthy and clearly not as educationally beneficial for young readers. But when ‘the funny books’ are written by people like Tony and Nick, who are masters at their craft, the books are every bit as worthy as other hefty tomes we may desire our children to read.

Purchase titles by clicking or title or cover image links. DSC01603 DSC01592I mean, seriously, not only are these guys ridiculously funny, great for school visits and create excellent books together…they are clever! Nick Falk is a practicing psychologist and Tony Flowers is currently deep in reading, research and interviews for his PhD looking at theories of visual literacy and how illustrators encode visual literary elements in their work. See…clever and funny…what more could you wish for?DSC01636Their latest books together are ‘How To Stop an Alien Invasion Using Shakespeare’ and ‘How to Beat Genghis Khan in an Arm Wrestle’, which are perfect for fans of the Horrible Histories series. My personal favourites (though I admit I’ve not yet read the ‘How To’ titles) are the ‘Samurai Vs Ninja’ series, and the stomping, roaring one at home like the ‘Saurus Street’ series best. DSC01614DSC01667Megan Tony Nick9780143780342 9780143780328xthe-battle-for-the-golden-egg.jpg.pagespeed.ic.IyUwtiiArn978085798636897808579863829780857986405SaurusSt4_CVR SaurusSt3_CVR 9781742756561 9781742756554 97808579818449780857983176 9780857983152 9780857983077

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  1. Hi Megan,

    I recently discovered your blog by reading an article you wrote on makerspaces for my Masters in teacher librarianship. Your article was very inspiring. Your blog is fantastic! My children are avid readers and I find it a challenge keeping up the supply of books. We are always looking for new authors and books. I would love a copy of your ebook but I submitted my email address but didn’t get sent anything.
    We are new to Brisbane so I appreciate your local news and suggestions.

    With thanks,

    Amellia Grosser


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