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out of the box logoWe had the most fabulous time at the first day of Out of the Box Festival yesterday and are back tomorrow…oh and pretty much every day for two weeks #oooooops. This is the last year that PudStar will be ‘legal age’ for this ‘eight and under’ festival and I’m squishing her into all the little cars and all the events for this one last hurrah.out of the box

Though I love all aspects of education, my one true love will always be early childhood education, and though all the years it has been going, Out of the Box Festival has remained committed to providing schools and families with the absolute best of the best in the performing arts arena.

Back when I did my first degree at QUT’s School of Early Childhood (now just finished the third and dad and husband say I CANNOT do a Phd) I volunteered to work at the biennial Out of the Box Festival with my lovely friend Helen…and not only as it contributed towards our ‘professional practice’ hours! The festival started in 1992..so my first volunteer year would have been 1994, which is ummmmm, a fair while ago but I still remember it vividly as it is built on the simple foundation that children matter and that arts rich experiences lead to a sense of unfolding discovery in children and adults alike. What more could you ask for?

out of the box
Loving herself sick as her ‘last legal age’ year at Out of the Box

A number of people on social media yesterday asked me what we’ve been to see and how we’ve found the events…so below is what I’ve booked and my tips for getting the most out of the day are below. Yes i know I am entirely mad, but ChickPea and PudStar are beside themselves, they are taking friends, we don’t do ‘theme parks’ as a general rule (dear glory how I hate them) and this is where I’d prefer to put that money, it’s school holidays, I am at my happiest when at  literary or arts events (with my children of course 🙂) and I am actually away this weekend (yes I know…again) and #backboy is dealing with the snow event and some workshops we have booked. Oh and remember I posted on social media about how the first day of holidays is always based on this book here and we wear PJ’s all day? Well we’ve done that…we’ve relaxed…so lets get on with the busy schedule

‘Creature: An Adaptation of Dot and the Kangaroo’ which I spoke about here and we saw yesterday. You know what I love most about this festival and it’s events? They don’t speak down to children. This performance was edgy in all the right ways; merging digital effects, aerial performers, dance and music into a fairly complex narrative structure based on the much-adore book by Ethel Turner. My 4 and 8 year olds sat entranced for the entire performance.Out of the Box

Mr Chicken Comes to Queensland

Bollywood Dancing Workshop

Gazillions of Bubbles

A yoga ‘Wellness Workshop’

Hanuman: The Tale Behind the Name

Little Red Riding Hood (ballet)

Dad’s Films (Neverending Story – see my post here)

Leigh Hobbs Create a Character Workshops

Tobogganing @ Snow4Kids

Actually? That list is embarrassing. I’m surprised there are any tickets left. If you want tickets, you just go here. Oh and there are also stacks of free events.IMG_5396 Out of the Box Out of the Box Out of the Box

Tips for Getting the Most from Out of the Box Festival

Do not let your child wear the dress that has just been purchased for Holy Communion in August. White dresses and Out of the Box? Don’t mix that well. Wear comfy clothes that can get paint on them!

Public transport baby! The car-parks fill up uber-fast and the public transport options to the cultural precinct are so good.out of the box train trip

Allow plenty of time to find the venues, collect your tickets, take little ones to the toilet and look around.

Which leads into…look around! The main action outside QPAC is great but there are events throughout the entire cultural precinct – including my fav – the State Library of Qld. There are also lots of roving performers and wonderful exhibitions of work. Honestly you could just walk around all day and enjoy all the free events. This is definitely a whole day event.Out of the Box

Coffee options are excellent around these parts, which is good if, like me, you need to be caffeinated. I won’t name names, but not all coffees are created equal so, do as I do, and check out the crema on other peoples coffees before ordering!

Embrace the joyous chaos that is Out of the Box. Come on, it’s an ‘eights and under’ festival…there is going to be all sorts of high pitched wailing, laughing, screaming, fighting, happy chatter and joyous chaos. It’s actually got the most beautiful vibe.

The lunch options at QPAC were fabulous, child friendly and there are little cars for them to sit in and watch an animated mini film festival.

There is plenty of pram parking options.

If you need to chill out? The Sunday Mail reading tent is FAB and when we went there to chill out yesterday it was lovely and quiet. Quietness is never guaranteed of course!IMG_5398 IMG_5397

For the more formal, and possibly far more helpful tips…see the official tips for Out of the Box here!

For the full Out of the Box 2016 program go to www.outoftheboxfestival.com.au

Have you booked Out of the Box tickets yet?


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