Review of ‘The Wilderness Fairies’ series


Review of ‘The Wilderness Fairies’ series

Written by Jodie Wells-Slowgrove and illustrated by Kerry Millard.

Publisher: Penguin Books Australia

Age Range: 6+ (newly independent readers)

Themes: Australiana, fairies, nature, friendship

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These gorgeous books have just been perfect for PudStar, a ‘nearly’ newly independent reader who loves and adores all things fairy. We’re not much into Santa in this house, nor the Easter bunny. But fairies? There’s a fairy door all decorated and ready for Christmas (below) and a fairy garden that is carefully tended…and just happens to be the best present we ever made her…more on that garden here and here. Her beloved younger cousin had a flower fairy party last weekend, which you can read about here. 

Fairy Door

Pud has loved the adventures of Daisy and her friends in ‘The Wilderness Fairies’ and the series has fired her imagination – so crucial in developing creative writing, creative thinking and creativity in general. Show me a child who has a vivid imagination and incredible vocabulary and I’ll show you a child who has been read to from birth and is on their way to becoming a life-long lover of literature and words and stories.

Wilderness Fairies

‘The Wilderness Fairies’ series is a tiny world of magic in the Australian bush and whilst I have steered Pud past a very well known series of churned out fairy books (merely because I can’t cope with them! All about me. Sorry!) – I’m more than happy for her to spend as much time as she likes  in the world of the Australian Bush and in the company of the Wilderness Fairies.

Daisy is the main character in the series and as we all know, a fairy isn’t born with wings. She has to earn them. Book ones see’s Daisy doing just this and in subsequent books we see her fly further afield on other adventures.

There is a great website to accompany the books here. It has all you need to have a Wilderness Fairy party and some super cute colouring sheets and other information. Worth a visit.

Fairy Garden Ready for Christmas – by PudStar Daley

Fairy Garden

IMG_7923 IMG_7922 IMG_7921

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