Review of ‘The Wishing Chair Collection’


To celebrate the last week of school here in Queensland, I’m publishing this beautiful review of ‘The Wishing Chair’, recently written by my Year One Extension English girls, who discovered that it is rather tricky to write a review with four people – so much negotiation required! I will greatly miss their banter and enthusiasm for learning. They have produced some wonderful work this year and had some even better conversations and debates about language and literature. Take it away ladies!

In ‘The Wishing Chair’, by Enid Blyton, there are children and pixies and brownies who go on big adventures using the wishing chair as their way of being transported to imaginative, amazing and magical lands.  Some of the lands require taking a big risk, like in Topsy Turvy Land they run the risk of living their lives upside down. ‘The Wishing Chair’ is full of adventures and takes you on a tour through wonderful lands without leaving your house!

There is a really funny and mean, plus annoying, character in the story called a Snoogle. It has the head of a monkey, the body of a cat, the tail of a dragon and the beak of a duck and  it wants to capture people and  pixies. The Snoogle is not a very nice character in the story. Mostly,  everyone else is nice, like Chinky the pixie and the friendly Brownie named Winks, even though he is rather foolish.

You should read this book if like stories about fairies or if you like adventures and are imaginative. If you like to meet new people this would also be a good book for you to read.

Reviewed by Thea, Zara, Tilly and Isabella – Year One English Extension.

Review published with parental permission.

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