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I was very pleased to be able to talk about one of my favourite topics, student book clubs, in a webinar tonight. Eduwebinars hosts some of the best educacational webinars around and if you don’t already follow them on social media, I highly recommend that you do. Founder and national director, Karen Bonanno puts together quite an amazing array of webinars each year – which you can see here.

Year Six Seven Book Club

With the popularity of groups like Oprah’s Book Club and (my favourite TV show) The First Tuesday Book Club, it is abundantly clear that reading is still a popular and mainstream pastime. Many, many adults love talking books and engaging socially with others who enjoy the same.

Book Clubs help adults to…

  • Connect with others through a shared love of literature
  • Discuss the big ideas and messages in literature
  • Personally connect with a story or character.

As teachers or teacher librarians, we can take the idea of an adult book club into a school context and transfer this depth of thought, discussion and engagement with book to our students.Year Six Seven Book Club Reads

Over the years, and at several different schools, I have run various book clubs including:

  • Mother Daughter book club
  • Father Son book club
  • Class Books Club – in ‘Literature Circle’ style
  • Lunchtime book clubs
  • English Extension book club
  • Friendship based book club
  • International student book club

For working out general questions I often refer to these links:


And I store other inspirational sites on my Pinterest page here.BookClub

Some of the most popular books we have shared are below. Many of these titles I have reviewed in full on the blog and for a look at all my posts on my current book, Girl Zone Book Club, see here.

The Golden Day | U Dubosarsky | Sydney 1967, mystery, Charles Blackman

Hana’s Suitcase |K Levine | war, holocaust, survival, hope, history, Japan

The Red Necklace | S Gardner | French Revolution, Paris, historical fiction

The River Charm | B Murrell | charm bracelet, historical Australian fiction

Homecoming series | C Voigt | self-reliance, children, single parents, survival

Don’t Call Me Ishmael | M Bauer | Moby Dick, debating, schools, friends

In the Sea There are Crocodiles |F Geda | Afghanistan, Italy, asylum, hope

One Perfect Pirouette | S Clark | family, ballet, realistic fiction, sport

A Rose for the ANZAC Boys | J French | war, historical fiction, women in war

The Longest War | N Antle | Vietnam War, mothers, mental health, families

Pharaoh: The Boy Who Conquered the Nile | J French |Egypt, history, Pharaoh

The Truth About Verity Sparks | S Green | Victorian London, orphans, mystery

Nanberry: Black Brother White | J French | Australian history, Indigenous history

On Orchard Road | E Edgar | new siblings, moving, changes, family

Ginger Snaps | C Cassidy | bullying, friends, schools, realistic fiction

The White Giraffe | L St John | South Africa, game reserves, schools, families

To the Boy in Berlin | E Honey | migration, refugees, prejudice, family

My Name is Mina | D Almond | family, grief, schools, realistic fiction

Angel Creek | S Rippin |blend of realistic fiction and fantasy, family, angels

Surface Tension | M McKinlay |mystery, suspense, friendship, family

Though My Eyes series, | various authors | realistic contemporary fiction, war, young people

My Australian Story series | various authors | Australian historical fiction, personal stories

Roses are Blue | S Murphy | verse novel, poetry, family, resilience, trauma, disability

Stuff Happens series | various authors | ‘boy’ focus, realistic fiction, family, schoolyard, contemporary

Withering-by-Sea |J Rossell | historical, family, adventure, intrigue, mystery

On Track | K Apel | verse novel, poetry, family, sports, schoolyard, siblings, additional needs

The Ratcatchers Daughter | P Rushby | historical fiction, family, society, women, occupations, Australian

A Single Stone | M McKinlay | dystopian, children, women, power, control, society, strength

The Mapmaker Chronicles | A.L. Tait | fantasy, adventure, quest, world, mapping, race, friendship

Ophelia and the Marvellous Boy | K Foxlee | fantasy, re-told fairytale, power, quest, adventure

The Protected | C Zorn | YA (mature themes), grief, family, siblings, family, school, emotion

One True Thing | N Hayes | YA (mature themes), politics, family, music, friends, love, bullying, secrets

Two Wolves | T Bancks | mature themes, family, destiny, adventure, siblings, trust

Loyal Creatures | M Glietzman | mature themes, was, Australia, Middle East, horses, historical, loyalty

Soon | M Glietzman | mature themes, part of series, was, holocaust, loss, grief, friendship, loyalty, trust

Are you Seeing Me |  D Groth | YA, family, grief, siblings, twins, additional needs, travel, realistic fiction.

I am Juliet and I Am Ophelia | J French | mature themes, love, women, history retold, Shakespeare

Intruder | C Bongers | mature themes, family, grief, loss, neighbourhood, friendship, trust

The Tribe series | A Kwaymullina | YA, trilogy, fantasy, power, adventure, friendship, tribes

The Ravens Wing | F Watts | YA, historical fiction, Ancient Rome, family, women, power, control, secrets

2016 BOTY Younger Readers1 2016 BOTY Younger Readers




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