Screen Time Vs Page Time


Screen Time Vs Page Time

Did you see the article in The Australian recently, ‘Digital Age is Dumbing Down Our Children’ ? It got me thinking, and I’ve ordered the book from which the article is an extract for a bit of light reading!

I am a happy technology addict but my Kindle, iPhone, iPad, laptop and PC will always sit beside my paper novels, much cherished picture books and hardcover recipe books (though cooking blogs do rule my life some days).

I’m not a fan of the ‘book is dead’ bandwagon. It’s a complicated and fraught argument, and I know I should feel more strongly about it. But at this point I’m happy to let others argue about it and just continue on my merry way…incorporating technology and books into my daily life. I do read all the arguments for both sides…but I’m just going to let the dust settle a bit…because when I was 10 I was CONVINCED I’d be able to be teleported to Narnia by the time I was 30, and it hasn’t happened yet.

I do however worry about the amount of screen time my children are exposed to. Even if they aren’t actively watching TV, they are exposed to screens while waiting at the doctor’s surgery,  or watching us on our lap-tops, phones and iPads and using of course they are using laptops at kindy and school. This is not to say my household is TV free…I AM a parent of small children, studying, working, and trying to stay sane…TV is necessary and not all negative.

It is both funny and disturbing the way my just turned one year old has learnt the power of a remote control (if I wave this thing in front of the TV long enough I KNOW something cool will happen) and it’s quite scary to see her find the Angelina Ballerina and Cranky Bear apps on my iPhone…and accidently call my sister in Belgium.

While there is a wealth of apps, television shows and online games to entertain and educate our children, nothing is more valuable than reading with our children and instilling habits that will stay with them for a lifetime.




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