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I really love books which tap into those parts of young minds that like to dream of future careers. Most young girls I know at one stage or another want to either be a wildlife worker, animal rescuer or vet…and fortunately some young people grow up and realise these dreams!vets2

The ‘Juliet Nearly a Vet’ series is perfect for all animal loving, vet dreaming young readers and author Rebecca Johnson is an award winning Science teacher, so you can be assured that all animal information is pretty spot on – you can read more about her here. I am always happy knowing that someone with a bit of nous about them has written books which contain medical, Scientific or educational subjects.

Hi! I’m Juliet. I’m ten years old. And I’m nearly a vet! I bet you’re wondering how someone who is only ten years old could nearly be a vet. It’s pretty simple really. My mum’s a vet. I watch what she does and help out all the time. There’s really not that much to it, you know…

Juliet is 10 and the series (of now 12 books) is perfect for independent readers from 7 (although Pudstar has only really got into them now at 8) or they could be read alouds from about 5 for animal loving little ones. We’ve been reading them as bedtime books for a while now and they suit both the girls, despite the age gap #winning.vets

‘Juliet Nearly a Vet’, of course, also fits rather beautifully with the push on girls in Science and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths). But more than this, it’s just a darned great series; well written; nice mix of fact and fiction; strong female characters abound…and there is lots in the series with more to come…so reading is sorted for months!

Rebecca has also created a ‘Nearly a Vet’ kit, which you can purchase from her, just leave a comment on this blog post and she will get in touch with you! I got a kit each (no fights) for ChickPea and PudStar for Christmas – and the front deck has been a vet surgery ever since. They spent weeks utterly engrossed in their vet games and the books provided much fodder for their vet emergencies. You know sometimes when you’ve got a good toy don’t you? The ‘Nearly a Vet’ kits were the biggest winner for us  – I think they have several years worth of play in them yet!

vet2 vetvet kit5
vet kit3 Vet Kit2Vet Surgery on Deck Vet Surgery on Deck 4Vet Surgery on Deck 5Vet Surgery on Deck7 vet Surgery on Deck 6 vet3
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  1. Hi. This looks like a wonderful series. You’ve helped me decide on my niece’s next birthday gift. I’d love more information on the ‘Nearly a Vet’ kit. This sounds like the perfect accompaniment to the books.

  2. How wonderful! My son’s prep class has made a vet surgery at school and I’d love more info on getting a Nearly a Vet kit!

  3. Kingston-on-Murray Primary School needs a “Juliet Nearly a Vet” kit. We have several students who would just love it.

  4. Thanks for the recommendation! My little girl loves our two dogs and no doubt would love this series. I remember wanting to be a vet myself when I was little ☺


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