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I am not hugely sentimental and have excellent librarian culling skills. I repurpose or rehome items all the time and don’t hang onto school yearbooks, childhood ‘treasures’, old band t-shirts (sorry about the Metallica shirts #backboy…but REALLY? You’ve moved on). My culling skills have also been used to great effect at my parents house, when, pre-children, I was mums PA and used to regularly do massive clean ups and culls of her cupboards and drawers. Post-children there has been no such PA work for my mother, in fact I tend to just flop when I arrive at their house, but I did recently introduce the PA idea to PudStar; I showed her my bathroom drawer chaos and suggested she might like to continue the family tradition. No action as yet.

The only time I have actually regretted my culling skills is in the late 90s when I culled several antique/vintage items from my parents house and now I desperately want them back. It was the 90s…I thought the world would stay minimalist forever. Mum now brings this time period up in hushed tones everytime I mention how much I’d like some flying ducks or vintage tea cannisters. Only the Bentwood chairs survived my culling, and only because she really put her foot down. I really want those Bentwood chairs now and mum will not give them to me.

I have thrown out many items of jewellery over the years as trends have come and gone, but for some reason I have a few items which I am overly attached to and have survived all my culling frenzies: my childhood charm bracelet – which I have inexplicably culled all the charms from (probably in the 90s in my minimalist phase) and a pendant which my grandparents gave me for Christmas 1988. I distinctly remember wanting this pendant and going shopping for it at Indooroopilly. Grandad had it engraved for me with the year and my name and I wore it with pride for many years. I adored my grandad and my nan is still with us and a huge part of our lives. I spent hours with him every weekend, working alongside him on the chicken farm, perusing nurseries and gardening and having the way the world worked explained to me. He was the kindest and most gentle of souls, except if you ate too loudly…food being chewed, slurped, sucked or crunched made him pretty wild. You can read more about him here.

I don’t wear these childhood silver treasures anymore and for some reason I see them as very much mine, and not something I want to give to my children, much like mum won’t give me the Bentwood chairs…smelting moment

I recently caught up with Nikki, who is chief Giddy Aunt of my favourite online store, ‘Oh My Giddy Aunt’. She was wearing a ring that I couldn’t take my eyes off and I just about yelped in excitement and choked on my lunch when she told me what it was; no longer needed silver jewellery, smelted (love that word!) into a fairly large nugget and set on a wide ring band. She’s called them ‘Smelting Moments’ and you can read more about them here.  I loved it for it’s solidness, it’s craters of silver and it’s imperfections and I immediately went home and got out my childhood silver (although you could use any silver you have and don’t wear) I knew I was keeping it for a reason!

smelting moment
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So now my silver is to be smelted into something I am going to wear everyday for the longest time. I’ll have my favourite childhood memories with me always, but in a form that I love…and Nikki is going to see if part of the pendant can be kept intact so you can see some of the original design; we’ll see how we go, no guarantees when silver is smelted, but I’m keen to see what happens!

From the ‘Oh My Giddy Aunt’ website:

We all have little bits of sentimental jewellery in the bottom of the jewel box; perhaps no longer worn because it’s broken or too small, but it’s still cherished, tells a story and represents precious moments in life.

Now you can have your sterling silver pieces smelted into a stunning nugget to continue telling the story in a unique and distinctive way. Melding the memories and moments into a single piece to wear or pass on to someone you love.

Your nugget will be hand-crafted into a ring or pendant by a talented Australian artisan jeweller. No two nuggets will be the same as each will be skilfully created to retain organic features, lumps, bumps and little ‘road-maps’ unique to your piece and the stories it has to tell.  Read more here.

I’m exceptionally happy about all this and am considering it a special Mother’s Day present to myself! Will post a photo of my finished ‘Smelting Moment’ when it arrives.

Am I crazy or would you also consider smelting your childhood treasured silver into something you could wear again? Or tell me what else you do with it!


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  1. What a great idea Megan! My Mum has a few very special pieces of her own Mother’s that she has not known what to do with for years. This is the perfect solution. Thanks for sharing.


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