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Smelting MomentEverything has a story doesn’t it? I love knowing the stories behind items and I always have; I think I have adored words, books and stories from the moment I was born. I am a huge fan of jewellery with a story behind it and I’ll often ask friends about the pieces they wear. I am not at all one for lots of bling, preferring sentimental pieces or pieces chosen for a reason. Family friend Margie (Daaaaaaaaaaaaarl), always has a fab story behind all her jewellery and when I see her, we often steal each others rings and bracelets to try them on for size – actually I do this with most of my family friends – I thought everyone did this until recently!

So it is really no surprise that the store almost all of my jewellery is from is ‘Oh My Giddy Aunt’ – and this is not sponsored – Nikki’s store is the perfect mix of story, art and wearable gorgeousness. Her tooth fairy bracelets have been the start of my daughters collections of wearable art and I have purchased many a Christening gift or story charm from her collection.  charm

Last time I saw Nikki she was wearing a ring that I couldn’t take my eyes off and I just about yelped in excitement and choked on my lunch when she told me what it was; no longer needed silver jewellery, smelted (love that word!) into a fairly large nugget and set on a wide ring band. She’s called them ‘Smelting Moments’ and you can read more about them here.  I loved it for it’s solidness, it’s craters of silver and it’s imperfections and I immediately went home and got out my childhood silver (although you could use any silver you have and don’t wear. You can read about my silver and why I kept it and then chose to smelt it heresmelting moment

So I’ve now had my smelted ring and pendant for about a month – and I love them more than I probably should and have not taken them off. To be again wearing pieces from my childhood, but in a much more ‘me’ form is pretty darned special. You can see all my pieces being turned into a ring in the clip below – which I’ve watched probably too many times now.

I don’t really have any decent photos of my ring on my hand (not a hand model!), but ChickPea and I were playing with her new unicorn garden this afternoon and I snapped some photos of my ring and pendant after she asked me if they could be stones for her garden; ‘no bub, I know they are stone looking and shiny…but no…you may not bury them in your unicorn garden”. A few people have also commented on my pendant on social media, see the snaps on Instagram – and yes I have no shame #dentalchairselfie. DSC01401unicorn garden smelting momentDSC01404

My smelted nuggets are large – as chunky silver is my love – but some are far more petite (see here), and each and every piece will be unique. I actually was completely overwhelmed when I opened the beautiful boxes my ring and pendant arrived in (since been taken and used as fairy beds) – parts of the pendant, including my name, had been kept intact and inserted into the back of the finished pieces. I adore everything about my smelted silver pieces – everything. The story behind them is my favourite thing, and to be wearing these stories is magical indeed.DSC01420


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