‘The Fairy Dancers’ Book Launch


‘The Fairy Dancers’ Book Launch

So you know how, for the last two years or so, ‘Ruby Red Shoes’ has been THE Christmas gift book to give to sweet young readers? Well, while we wait for Kate Knapp (interview here) to complete the third one – I did send her a ‘hurry up’ email :), I have found the book series to step in for the meantime! ‘The Fairy Dancers’ is a gorgeous new series by the talented Natalie Jane Prior and Cheryl Orsini and my interview with Natalie is here.  fairy-dancers-cover-scan_med_hr

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‘The Fairy Dancers’ is simply stunning – production quality is awesomeness, making it the perfect keepsake gift book, the illustrations by Cheryl Orsini are exquisite and Natalie’s writing, as always, shines and sparkles. ‘The Fairy Dancer’ activity pages are utterly gorgeous for school or home use.

Every Saturday, with a hop, a skip, and a magical twirl, Mia, Emma and Grace (with a little help from Mia’s dachshund, Coco) put on their dancing shoes and turn into Fairy Dancers.

I’ve actually had to wrestle it from PudStar in order to read it for review – it was grabbed by her the second it arrived in the mail and has not left her bed as she seems to be re-reading it every second night to ChickPea! Their love of ‘The Fairy Dancers’ is two-fold, every little girl dreams of being a ballet dancer and our family has a little bit of a love of dogs – staffordshire terriers being number one love, dachshunds (as in the book) being number two. We have a very anxious staffy – seriously don’t even get me started on how much Valium Tyson needs to get through a day, and we’ve been looking at a dachshund dog companion for him (yes I know we are crazy to consider two dogs!). Just look at dear little Coco the dachshund below!chasing-coco_med

‘The Fairy Dancers’ for us is everything we love – ballet, fairy wings, dogs – exquisitely packaged into a hardcover giftbook. I see this being the book we gift to all our little reader friends in the 3- 8 year old category in the next 6 months! Now all we need is a dachshund soft toy with a tutu to go with this book – pretty please Harper Collins?

Fairy Dancers Food DSC07152-001 DSC07165-001

Collette Dinnigan for The Australian Ballet

For my ‘Top Ten’ Ballet Books for all ages see here. Def adding ‘The Fairy Dancers’ to the list!

Collette Dinnigan for The Australian Ballet

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