Top 10 Tips for Introducing the Classics


Top 10 Tips for Introducing the Classics

‘Classics’ are books that have stood the test of time and still remain relevant and popular. Many parents love reading the classics with or to their children and remembering the same stories being read to them by parents or grandparents.

Cozy Classics

On the whole I prefer the full and original versions of the classics. However they can contain language that is complex, and not now in everyday use, so they often require a bit of parental or teacher input -but it is so worth it! Below are my thoughts on how to introduce our young people to some of the finest literature around.

 Introducing a Classic to Younger Readers

  1. Give an overview of the story: read the blurb, look at the chapter headings; look at the illustrations and work out the characters.
  2. Google the story and maybe watch some you tube clips of plays or animations based on the book. No shame in Googling a book!
  3. If needed, modify the language as you go, or explain the language (if your child won’t lose interest!).
  4. Choose an illustrated version. Some of my favourites are here.
  5. Seek out an audio book – often the classics are read by amazing actors.
  6. Explain the story as you go. Once you’re halfway through and your child is used to the style this won’t be as necessary.
  7. Read a chapter at a time, particularly if your child is five or under. Short sharp bursts keep interest levels high.
  8. Talk to your child about how much YOU enjoyed the book as a child, show them your original versions if you have them.
  9. Explain what a classic book is: a book that has stood the test of time. Research the author. Seek out their other books…are they also classics?
  10. If your child is really not enjoying or understanding the story…STOP. There is no shame in not finishing a book. Classics look lovely on a shelf (shallow of me?!) and you can re visit them in a few years. I have been buying the set of ten of these GORGEOUS, DIVINE books and my girls won’t be reading them for at least 10 years yet!

Any other tips to add to my list?

My fav children’s classics are here. 

My fav YA classics are here.

‘Spineless Classics’ posters are here. 

Classics for babies in the form of ‘Cozy Classics’ are here.

Introducing the classics to young readers

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