Top Ten Middle Grade Books of 2015


…according to me anyway!

I love this reading age so much – I love watching young readers move from books with a simple linear story line, to plots which are complex and which open up eyes to a world of reading opportunities. I talk all the time to students about ‘walking in the shoes of others’ through books and travelling the world from your own bedroom, through stories set in our countries and other worlds. Lifelong readers are created with some of the books in this age range.ugly

These ‘Top Ten’ lists are my way of making myself really reflect on what I’ve read this year but It’s incredibly hard to narrow down my lists to just ten, and in this case I read one, ‘Ugly’, just after I finished these lists! So I’m being a bit sneaking and adding the younger readers edition of ‘Ugly’ in here – too good to leave it out! What would you add?Top Ten Middle Reader Books for 2015

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Top Ten (+1!) Middle Grade Books of 2015

‘Ugly’ by Robert Hoge

‘Though My Eyes’ series, various authors. Allen and Unwin

‘My Australian Story’ series, various authors. Scholastic

‘Roses are Blue’ (and all other verse novels in this ‘series’) by Sally Murphy. My full review of this title is here.

‘Stuff Happens’ series, various authors. Penguin Books Australia. My full review of this series is here. 

‘Withering-by-Sea: a Stella Montgomery Intrigue’ by Judith Rossell

‘On Track’ by Kathryn Apel

‘The Ratcatchers Daughter’ by Pamela Rushby

‘A Single Stone’ by Meg McKinlay

‘The Mapmaker Chronicles’ by A.L. Tait

‘Ophelia and the Marvellous Boy’ by Karen Foxlee

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  1. As a grandfather looking at books for grandchildren of varying ages, a specific age guidance for books would help.


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