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Pud and Chickpea reading3Because I accidentally fell into blogging (when Tom set this blog up for me, to put all my reviews in once place) I’ve never really understood, or cared for, Google Analytics. In fact, in nearly four years of blogging, I’ve logged in four times. My interest in stats is low to say the least. I blog because I have found my thing; pre-blog my brain whirred, fizzed and popped so much that I would be awake all.night.long…just thinking. My blog has given me a place to collate my thoughts, which is a win all round as family, friends and colleagues in real life must get entirely sick of me talking and oversharing. Now I just talk and ramble and overshare online to you guys.

I’m an insomniac by nature but when my brother died nearly four years ago, I could go days with absolutely no sleep. I also had a baby that screamed around the clock with reflux, a toddler, and a husband in hospital after failed spinal surgery. I was a mess and blogging gave me a place to escape to that was all my own, a purpose, an online community (and friends like Eden Riley) and a place to dump my brain, which in turn leads to SLEEP.

I am forever in Tom’s debt for gifting me this blog – and it also helps that I’ve since discovered he’s actually an amazing web designer and SEO type person…SEO being another thing I have yet to have any understanding of. ‘Tom’ is Tom De Spiegelaere  of Mango Matter and I can’t recommend him highly enough – and no I can’t pronounce his surname either. Pud and Chickpea reading5

So back to Google Analytics. At this time of year, bloggers start to publish their ‘best of’ lists…and because I love the community I’ve made through this blog, I’m interested to see what you have enjoyed reading. So I Googled ‘how to find best of lists on google analytics’…as you do…and actually it wasn’t that hard to generate the list that you see below. I may even properly learn how to use GA one day. Never say never.

A huge and very heartfelt thank you to all of you who join me here on Children’s Books Daily. I cannot tell you how much every comment, ‘like’, ‘share’ and connection means to me and I continue to be astonished that people find my blog and read it. Because seriously? I am a complete dag who cannot use apostrophes. I was going to end by saying ‘May the year ahead be filled with joy’, but in my experience, life is full of joy and pain in varying amounts, so instead I’ll end with…

Thank you so much for reading my ramblings and for connecting and sharing your digital space with me. I so hope that beautiful books and stories continue to help you and your family to find joy and solace on this journey of mixed blessings called life. Bedtime reading

Top Ten Posts of the Past Year

(click on title links to read each post)

Book Week Costume Ideas: no surprises here! Who hasn’t Googled this in a panic?

Top 100 Sustainability Books: Dear Readers – this made my heart SING. As the head of the ‘Earth Angels’ sustainability group at work, sustainability is an issue close to my heart and to be honest I didn’t expect this post to be that popular. I am blown away by how many people have viewed this post in the last year and I am heartened that so many of you added these books to your home and school library collections. THANK YOU for making a left-leaning, wannabee-hippy, teacher librarian very happy.

Inscribing Children’s Books: seriously this post has viewed 38777 times since Tom installed the ‘views’ thing last year. That many people want to read my thoughts on inscribing books? Still…it does mention my dear friend Trish and has one of my all-time fav picture books, ‘Puffling’ featured.

Top Ten Ballet Books: no surprises here! Every week my kindy girls ask me for ballet or fairy books, and I’ve literally just got home from a bookshop, where we purchased a version of ‘The Nutcracker’ for a five year olds party on Sunday. Absolute perennial favourites!

Starting Out on Chapter Books: I am proud of this series of posts (I think there is about three?) as they took me ages to compile and they still seem a really useful resoucre several years on. It’s such a milestone in a child’s reading development when they can read their very first chapter book but not all ‘early chapter books’ are created equal.

NAPLAN Results and the Role of the School Teacher Librarian: I didn’t intend for this to be a ‘popular’ post – but I’m really pleased it is, becuase I feel passionately about the role of the teaacher librarian and yet few people seem to know what a teacher librarian does and how crucial the role is ensuring the success of our schools and our students.

Top Twenty Horse Books for Children to Young Adults: again, no surprises here with horse books being amongst the most popular books in our school library. But again, let me just say, that not all are created equal! There are some appalling horse books out there so I’ve taken great care to choose my top twenty (and a few extras!).

Top Twenty Book Gifts for Babies: I try to steer clear of the obvious baby book titles when I gift books to newborns and instead go for some of the more obscure titles and modern day classics, and I also like to purchase a book for any older siblings from this list here. I add to this post regularly, depending on what I’m loving at the time!

ANZAC Day Books: one of the most effective ways to ensure our children understand the importance and significance of ANZAC day is through books which recount the stories of men, women and animals at war, as well as those who were left at home – waiting, working, praying, hoping and sending care packages.

VALE Narelle Oliver: I still have not quite been able to remove Narelle’s phone number from my phone, and I’ve gone back a few times now and read our last few text messages – we were sooooooooo wicked via text. I miss this creative great so much and plan conversations with her in my head. I’m so pleased this post was read far and wide. Narelle will always be remembered through her amazing books, and I will always cherish our friendship, goss and wicked late night texts. Miss you lovely lady.

Thank you again lovely readers…for everything! 

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