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Since the very start, we have featured MANY a book on the Your Kids Next Read podcast. So I have collated some of the favourites, in age groups, because who doesn’t love a list? Click on the link or image and head to Booktopia to read more or purchase.

A note on the purchase links via Booktopia – these links are affiliate links, which result in a small commission at no cost to the buyer. Buying books through Booktopia supports the work of Children’s Books Daily. Booktopia has a commitment to supporting Australian authors and publishers, and are an Australian operation.


This list of features books for young readers who are just starting their independent reading journey. They may be a ‘read to’ or a ‘read with’ book experience depending on there reading development – reading progression happens at various ages and stages. These books are generally aimed at little readers from 6 – 8 but are suitable for readers outside of this category and picture books and non-fiction books should also be included so see the list Early Childhood Books Featured on the Your Kid’s Next Read Podcast and Non Fiction Books Featured on the Your Kid’s Next Read Podcast. You may also find my list of Best Books for Newly Independent Readers useful, as well as my Reading Ready webinar, which has loads of tips and tricks around early reading development.

Willa and Woof

The Recorder Racket

Nice Garry – Bowled Over

Itty Bitty Kitty

Ollie and Bea: Bats What Friends Are For

The Courage of Magnolia Moon

My Strange Shrinking Parents

So many books – here’s the rest of the list!

’29 Things You Didn’t Know about Me’ by Solli Raphael, illustrated by Olana Janfa

‘Furball’ by Adrian Beck

‘The Very Best Doughnut’ by series editor Randa Abdel-Fattah, illustrated by writer, artist and advocate Amani Haydar

‘A Spoonful of Sadie’ by Lana Spasevski, illustrated by Joanie Stone

‘Little Ash’ series written be Ash Barty with Jasmin McGaughey. Illustrated by Jade Goodwin

‘Kicking Goals’ series by Sam Kerr 

‘The Wild Life: A Berry Long Walk by Laura and Philip Bunting

‘Sadie series’ by Lana Spasevski

Surviving the Wild series by Remy Lai 

‘Mertales (3): The Great Treasure Hunt’ by Rebecca Timmis

‘Ginger Green’s Big Book of Friendship’ (8 stories in 1) Playdate Queen’ by Kim Kane. Illustrated by Jon Davis 

‘Dead Good Detectives’ by Jenny McLachlan

‘The Odds: Run, Odds, Run’ by Matt Stanton 

‘Pearly and Pig And the Great Hairy Beast’ by Sue Whiting

‘Willa and Woof: Mimi is Missing’ by Jacqueline Harvey. Illustrated by A. Yi

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Ruby Olive Megan Pink Jacket and Who Am I Book

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