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(and a LEGO Room)

Under our internal stairs is this teeny little room…very Harry Potter-esque really; when Harry moved in with the Dursley family, instead of being given a real bedroom, he was kept in the cupboard under the stairs. 

At the same time as my dad, brother Jeremy and Scott built me an office, I also co-erced my Jeremy into turning our cupboard under the stairs into a LEGO room for the girls. LEGO has a tendency to find the soft soles of my feet late at night causing me to yell and swear and wake small children and the already anxious dog, so a room I could close the door on and trap all LEGO in seemed a fine idea to me. 

These are just phone photos snapped this morning in a hurry, but you get the general idea and it’s solved all LEGO in my feet issues nicely. Jem (Jeremy AKA my super handy little brother) added shelves for LEGO building, some of that cool new LEGO tape, display cube shelves, LEGO figurine shelves, hooks and a bookshelf for our collection of LEGO books and manuals. I added teeny vintage orange play chairs, a rug, cushions, paper flowers from Pottery Barn Kids (my fav’s – have some of these at work too!), a beautiful map and fairy lights. The girls added their huge tubs of LEGO :). 

For me the true hero of this tiny space is the HUGE (135x95cm) map of Australia by Tania McCartney, a Canberra based author/illustrator who I admire greatly – you can see all her books here. I ordered this map for work and when it arrived I immediately ordered one for home – it’s without a doubt my fav map of Australia ever. Priced at just $24.99 (on sale on Booktopia ATM for $19.95), I wasn’t sure how the quality would be but it an incredibly well produced product and comes in the most beautifully designed packaging tube – huge congrats to publisher Hardie Grant Travel. I’ve decided to order more as ‘Welcome to the World’ or first birthday presents as it’s the perfect home (or school library!) decor and has absolute child appeal..who wouldn’t want a map to explore? Tania’s 250+ illustrations on this map are engaging, informative and just incredibly beautiful. I found one of our teeny tiny toddler neighbours sitting quietly looking at the map the other day, she was utterly absorbed in the detail; this is high praise indeed as V doesn’t often draw a breath, so to find her sitting silently was a minor miracle. You can purchase the map here.

Click on title links or images to purchase. FREE SHIPPING with the code BIRTHDAY until midnight Feb 14 2018. 

Image Via Tania McCartnety’s Website.

For curious adventurers who never stop exploring, this stunning, large-format map is a modern take on exploring Australia from coast to coast, from the highest mountain to the deepest surrounding sea. Depicting flora, fauna, natural wonders, sites and sights, over 250 labels are included, along with a key for shipwreck and Aboriginal rock art sites.

Wall maps are one of the latest trends when it comes to interior decorating, and now both adults and kids alike can adorn their wall with this beautifully illustrated map of Australia. Showcasing more than 300 illustrations of flora, fauna, landmarks, attractions and other Australiana, the detail on this map could keep anyone enthralled for hours. Fact bubbles, and keys for shipwrecks and Indigenous rock-art sites, will also help you learn more about this country.

Watercolour illustrations combine with digital art to create an eye-boggling journey of our great land. Laminated, tearproof, writable and washable, this is a priceless resource for schools, libraries and organisations, and would make a striking piece of artwork for any child’s (or adult’s!) room.

From Tania McCarney’s website

Our fav LEGO books are the ones below, but of course there are a plethora of LEGO books of all varieties and my girls have also loved the LEGO friends books – the stories behind each of the characters has really appealed to them.

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