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ChickPea turned seven recently, and, as I do, I changed up her bedroom as part of her birthday present. I admit, the ‘birthday bedroom change-up’ has become a thing, maybe a beast I should not have started, but to be honest I rather like the feeling of a good bedroom clean and cull and some fresh linen. Just like I inhale the smell of new books with relish and stroke their lovely covers, there is something both soothing and wondrous about the look and smell of new linen. Sigh. We all have our weaknesses.

ChickPea has gone from a propensity for dinosaurs to a liking of all the pretty things but with a hefty side serve of dead animal – she has a box in her wardrobe with a large dried out blue tongue lizard with no head,  several dead skinks and she likes to carry around her fox skin, which comes complete with nose and whiskers. What can I say? She likes to mix things up.

Her sisters tween room is all blues and greys, so Chickpea decided she definitely needed something different and when we browsed a Pillow Talk catalogue recently, she was hit with a vision of blush and white. Nicely marketed Pillow Talk People; blush and white I can cope with.

These days I’m really much more a fan of online shopping, especially when decisions must be made and cushions matched. As I often do – we stuck to one retailer and just ‘added to cart’, then ‘removed from cart’ for quite some time until budget and linen coordination was in sync.

ChickPea has a thing for native birds and native flowers  – hence Pillow Talk, who have a huge range of natives in their range this season. We chose a cushion and European pillow cover covered in riot of natives, a bedspread in similar tones, a few other cushions and two beautifully muted musty pink floor throws – one for the floor and one for her reading ottoman.

Very helpfully, Pillow Talk often does matching accessories and often a boxed drawer liner set of papers.  I’ve purchased these many times over the years and never used them to line drawers (should try!) but have instead framed the liner paper to tie the room together.  Added bonus is that the frame smells amazing. The tween also helped her line the back of her lace dream catcher with the same liner paper and ChickPea is now adding pom poms and tassels to this at a great rate. She learnt to weave, pom pom and tassel at school recently and she is now a machine. One of her most requested birthday gifts was balls of wool to make pom poms and tassels…anyone want a box of pom poms?

The Important Details

This list is not sponsored, I’ve linked to items for convenience, a few items are affiliate links to shops I use and adore and which support Children’s Books Daily as a small business.

 IKEA trundle bed  I am so impressed with this trundle bed, the girls can pull out the in-drawer trundle themselves and it’s just all so compact. IKEA do compact well don’t they?

Pink Pinch Pleat Quilt Cover Set. I’m always a sucker for a pinch pleat – I love the texture and volume and the fact that if it’s not ironed it (I am not an ironer of linen) it kind of looks like it was meant to be!

Grid Flat Sheet and Grid Fitted Sheet.

Cotton Knot Cushion

Grace Cushion

Botanica Cushions

Botanica Pink Euro 

Protea Cushion on faux fur throw on ottoman

Botanica Scented Drawer Liners (used as print)

Herb pots (used as pencil pots)

Hampshire Faux Fur Rug

Mali storage baskets 

Studio Cockatoo Koala and Wombat Prints

The Books

Click on titles to purchase.

Both my girls read a good mix of fiction, non-fiction, chapter and picture books and hopefully always will (I live in hope!). ChickPea absolutely churns through books – but these ones she comes back to time and time again over the last six months and I can see they will stay on her favourites shelf for a long time to come.

‘Go Go and Her Silver Shoes’ written by Jane Godwin and illustrated by Anna Walker.

‘Snugglepot and Cuddlepie’ by May Gibbs

‘Lucy’s Book’ written by Natalie Jane Prior and illustrated by Cheryl Orsini.

‘Polly and Buster’ (series) by Sally Rippin

‘Clementine Rose’ (series) by Jacqueline Harvey

‘The Magic Bookshop’ by Natalie Jane Prior and Cheryl Orsini

‘Little People, Big Dreams’ (series. Various Authors).

‘There’s a Bug on my Arm That Won’t Let Go’ by David Mackintosh.

‘Pig the Grub’ by Aaron Blabley.

‘Sonam and the Silence’ written by Eddie Ayres and illustrated by Ronak Taher.

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