Gin + Book + Cheese = Kicking Goals

To be perfectly honest I do not read a huge number of adult books, preferring to stay in YA and middle grade territory. So the books on this list are really special to me! To make it to my list of ‘favourite adult reads’ a book has to capture me from the very first page if I’m going to devote time to reading a hefty tome.

If I’m honest, many of these recommendations come from my mother (also a teacher librarian), her book club and the senior school teacher librarian I work with – she *almost* never fails me! These are the books I read on school holidays, gin in hand, cheese platter to the side of me, children occupied elsewhere. These are the books I fall into and do not want to leave the world of. I hope some of them resonate with you!

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'The Godmother'

by Hannelore Cayre, Stephanie Smee (Translator)