Best Books for Middle Primary

Embrace the book series!

Once your child hits a certain reading level in those early years of primary school, they start to crave books with more complex storylines and in their area of interest. Voracious middle primary readers can plough through books at an astonishing rate and for many parents, this time really is the ‘golden age of reading’ - books' themes are still in safe territory and the books are short enough that 3-4 can be consumed in a week.

I always encourage parents and teachers to keep their capable bookworms reading age appropriate books for as long as possible – there is plenty of time for reading books with *all the issues* and the size of the book is not an indication of worth in many cases. Series can be an excellent way to really capture the attention of middle primary readers and keep the book pile full; and young people enjoy being immersed in a familiar world, often for months on end.

I also urge you to never let your young readers leave picture books behind! Picture books of today are complex and nuanced and the storylines are often sophisticated and thought provoking. We also live in an age of visuals and picture books teach visual literacy like no other teaching tool I know of. The list below contains my favourite books for your middle primary readers and if you click on the ‘middle primary’ tab you’ll see so many more individual reviews to capture the attention of your young reader!

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'How to make a bird'

by Meg McKinlay, Matt Ottley (Illustrator)

'Finding our heart'

by Thomas Mayor, Blak Douglas (Illustrator)


by Bruce Pascoe, Charmaine Ledden-Lewis (Illustrator)

'The odds'

by Matt Stanton


by Kirli Saunders, Dub Leffler (Illustrator)

'The Glimme'

by Emily Rodda. Illustrated by Marc McBride