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Warning - destruction ahead!

When thinking about the best books for toddlers, it's handy to know exactly how they may be used; this age bracket adore books and language and as they are still learning the mechanics of how a book works they to use all their senses to ‘read’ a book; chewing and ripping may occur! Children who have experienced books from birth will start to now see the book as a complete package of meaning, entertainment and enjoyment. If they have seen reading modelled over and over, they may ‘read’ the books themselves and will most certainly demand books to be read over and over again (endlessly). 

Of course, toddlers are also destructive little bunnies but do not let the possible destruction of books stop you from reading. This is the time get them hooked on books. For younger toddlers I think board books are a great option for unsupervised book time as they are relatively indestructible. However, board books should not make up the bulk of a book collection for this age group. Picture books which are rich in language and introduce young people to the mechanics of language and the absolute joy of story are all  important.  The social nature of reading comes into play around this time, as toddlers become aware of their peers and are able to engage in literacy opportunities in unstructured learning environments.

My list of ‘Best Books for Babies' is here.

all the ways

'All the Ways to be Smart'

by Davina Bell & Allison Colpoys


‘Monster Party’

by the children of the Rawa Community School, Jane Godwin & Alison Lester

‘Puddle Hunters’

by Kirsty Murray & Karen Blair  (Full review here)


‘Time for Bed Miyuki’

by Roxane Marie Galliez & Seng Soun Ratanavanh


‘Want to Play Trucks?’

by Ann Stott. Illustrated by Bob Graham (Full review here)


by Anna Fienberg. Illustrated by Kim Gamble & Stephen Axelsen (Full review here)


by Zanni Louise. Illustrated by Philip Bunting


‘The Game of Finger Worms’

by Herve Tullet


‘Do Not Lick this Book’

by Idan Ben-Barak & Julian Frost



by Beck Stanton & Matt Stanton (and others in the ‘Books That Drive Kids Crazy series)