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When you employ someone do you go by their resume or by the feel of the interview and referee comments? I’m definitely on the ‘gut feeling’ side of things and when Lana came on board to replace Justine (on maternity leave) as my VA, she came highly recommended by someone I greatly respect and when we talked on the phone I just knew she was the best fit. She’s also coping super well with my chaos … so yay Lana!

By way of intro to Lana, today she is sharing the most beautiful, beautiful piece about the joy of reading to our little ones – either on our lap during the day (at the most inopportune time!), or in bed at night.

Bedtime reading is something I feel incredibly passionate about, in fact I have pretty much a whole chapter in my book devoted to it and I still read to my 9 and 12 year old children most nights. It is sometimes the one time in the day I STOP and am physically close with my children.

I love this idea of ‘boddlers’ (not quite baby, not quite toddler) and bedtime books as it’s one of the most precious times you will ever have with your little ones. Not that I don’t love the withering looks from my 12 year old as I squish into her bed and she reminds me yet again that ‘all her friends’ (?!) have double beds … but you know … babies, boddler and toddlers are all about loving on you!

Thanks Lana Hallowes for this (very sweet) guest post.

My little one. Toddle over to me with whatever that book is you are holding. I’m sure I’ll know the title the minute I see it.

Oh yes. Yes, I do. All. Too. Well.

Now, plonk yourself into your ‘reading armchair’ – AKA my lap. Wriggle your small bottom until you find that sweet spot where you feel comfiest for some story time. I do the same thing with the corner section of the couch. I find my reading nook, too.

I will pause whatever I’m doing and open your favourite “booky”. The one we both know by heart. The one I have read to you over and over.

Image Credit: Judy Horacek

I have lots to do, but I will read it – again.

I mean, how could I possibly deny you a story of all things, especially as you are so damn cute?! But it isn’t just a book, is it? It’s one-on-one time with me. It’s a lengthy lap-cuddle. A kiss on your soft cheek while I turn the page. A gentle sway as I read the familiar words quietly into your ear.

I know the tale. You know the tale. We have memorised every word on every page and the exact point we’ll burst out laughing in unison. I have read this book to you to distract you, calm you, entertain you, help you learn concepts and I’ve even used it to soothe you to sleep, lowering the volume of my voice as you drift off.

We have history with this one and for this reason I will love this book forever. And it will always remind me of this …

Image Credit: Judy Horacek

As I read, your wispy boddler hair (not a baby anymore but not quite a toddler yet) will tickle the skin under my chin. Swoon.

Your chubby fingers will explore the pages and cover up the words. But it doesn’t matter. I know them like I know the exact hue of your eyes and line of your button nose.

I will breath you in. I want to bottle this feeling, my little one. The stillness. This intimate moment in time. And I want to press pause. You are growing up too fast!

Before I know it, you will be borrowing books for ‘independent readers’ from the school library – and your hair will be course. You will no longer seek out my lap to read, but compete with me for the couch corner nook. It’s comfy! I get it.

But until then, I will enjoy being your reading armchair. Your favourite place to indulge in a book and a bit of ‘us’ time.

Because it was never just about the book, was it?

Image Credit: supplied | Lana Hallowes

Lana Hallowes is a writer and mum to two gorgeous and mischievous little boys. She is also a very comfy reading armchair – she hopes for a little while longer yet.

Best ‘lap armchair’ books for boddlers

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