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ChickPea is NINE! It seems like just yesterday we were having her first birthday party, a ‘Bad Tempered Ladybird Party’ because she screamed with reflux pain for the first year of her life! Then she had a Wild Things Party at two and a Stomping Dinosaur Party at three … see the theme emerging? She’s kind of wild …

Last year ChickPea had an indoor rock climbing party and this year we went a step further and she had an outdoor bouldering party at Toohey Forest. Her parties tend to be family parties as we have enough cousins for entertainment value and she’s still recovering from the time she had a friends party and her classmates commented on her birthday cake – which was wheels of soft cheeses all piled up and served with crackers (she’s not really a cake girl!). She continues to be bemused as to why anyone would choose cake over soft cheese.

Thanks to Sam D and Jeremy for their expert assistance with the bouldering, thanks to Mother Nature for holding off on the rain and thanks to the gang of cousins (and the uncle who’s like a kid) who provided the laughs and endured my Nature Spotto … come on – admit it – it was fun and educational! We had a fab time and stayed well and truly longer than the two hours usually designated for kids birthday parties – sure sign it was a success.

Her cake (yep she actually choose a cake this year – but don’t worry she still had soft cheese) was the koala cake from ‘Bake Australia Great’ and the Koala Crunch Pops are from the same book. Both were not at all difficult – although thanks must go to my mum, ChickPea and Sam A for their help.

If you’re looking for reading inspiration for your own 8-10 year old reader, ChickPea’s current favourite books are below. I love that she reads up and down (from chapter books pushing her reading limit to ever-fav picture books) and that she appreciates the funny, bizarre and literary books! In all my talks in schools and libraries I talk about the importance of ‘reading the rainbow’ and ChickPea’s list below is a good example of this – a mix of genres and text types. She devours books of all persuasions and long may this continue. Her quirky sense of humour, love of nature and inquiring mind are some of the things we all love most about her.

Happy birthday ChickPea!

ChickPea’s Favourite Books at 9

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