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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of Year…Until it is Not

By Megan Daley | Dec 21, 2019
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As I try and find a moment this week when my children are not glued (superglued) to my side, in order to simply wrap their Christmas presents, I remember what the lead up to Christmas used to look like. I tend not to look back at what used to be,…


‘Searching for Cicadas’: Narrative Non-Fiction

By Megan Daley | Dec 16, 2019
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Narrative non-fiction titles are one of the best ways I know to introduce young children to the joys of information books – they are a fabulous ‘smash up’ of story with true information. In my opinion the series that does this best is the ‘Nature Storybooks’ series from Walker Books…


Two Years is Such a Very Short Time

By Megan Daley | Apr 28, 2019
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Two years is such a very short time in #grieftown. When my brother died unexpectedly in 2012 I spoke about feeling like I was in a place, far from everyone else and I affectionately hashtagged it #grieftown. When my favourite aunt died unexpectedly in 2017 I remember posting online about…


Children’s Books Daily in Bali

By Megan Daley | Dec 13, 2018
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If you are looking for a post about top tips for Bali holidays, this is not the blog post for you. I do books remember? If however, you would like to know about the best travel journal for children that I have ever found, read on, and if you’re lucky…


Bedrooms and Books at Seven

By Megan Daley | Sep 5, 2018
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ChickPea turned seven recently, and, as I do, I changed up her bedroom as part of her birthday present. I admit, the ‘birthday bedroom change-up’ has become a thing, maybe a beast I should not have started, but to be honest I rather like the feeling of a good bedroom…


Grief, Widowhood and Books

By Megan Daley | Jun 11, 2018
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Unsurprisingly, I’ve collected a large number of books on grief over the years. My brother died six years ago and my favourite Aunt died two weeks before Dan died. Sadly, I’m a grief veteran. I’m not brave, I’m not inspirational…I am merely putting one foot in front of the other,…


The Dromkeen Librarians Award

By Megan Daley | Dec 4, 2017
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Gone are the days of me tripping off around the place at the drop of a hat and leaving ChickPea and PudStar at home…those days came to a crashing halt when Dan died, so it was both a treat and a logistical nightmare for me to escape the house to…


Six Months of Grief

By Megan Daley | Oct 27, 2017

Long post alert…because #grieftown. (updated 27/4/2020) I still cannot wrap my head around how our lives have changed forever. I don’t understand how a 40 year old father, husband, son, brother, friend, colleague can go to bed after sharing a meal with loved family and suffer a catastrophic heart attack…


Every Writer Needs an Office

By Megan Daley | Oct 2, 2017
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So. I’m writing a book. Allegedly. Dear glory I hope Kristina from UQP is not reading this…but I promise it will one day sit alongside those lovely UQP spines above! It’s been a *&%@#$ of a year and I cannot wait to see the back of 2017, but amidst the…


Book People: Vale Narelle Oliver

By Megan Daley | Oct 5, 2016
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Beautiful Narelle… You will be so missed by your family, so missed. I know only too well the grief cycle and you, my mum and I have discussed grief at length on many occasions over brunches that extend to lunches. You and I have shared so many stories over the…