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Book People: Zanni Louise

By Megan Daley | Mar 18, 2020
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Zanni and I met at Children’s Book Council of Australia conference, where we walked around the garden of Jackie French together, and let me tell you, that is a wonderful place to start a friendship! I have followed the rise and rise of Zanni Louise since this time and continue…


Easter Gift Giving + Easter Books

By Megan Daley | Mar 12, 2020
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I don’t know if every family does this but in my family it’s always been books, new pyjamas and eggs for Easter – as well as an Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday which significantly adds to the Easter egg haul. This year, the girls and I will be in…


Book People: Lian Tanner

By Megan Daley | Mar 4, 2020

The Rouges trilogy by Lian Tanner is showing all the signs of being as popular as her previous trilogy, The Keepers, and is rarely on the shelves in the school library. The melding of high risk adventure and magic works brilliantly in the hands of a skilled writer, such as…


The Lowdown on Children and eReading Devices

By Megan Daley | Feb 26, 2020
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For Christmas this year, both my children (8 and 11) received Kobo Clara eReaders. Perhaps a controversial gift from a librarian mother, but I like to think I embrace all forms of reading and I know that my own eReader and my audio book ‘habit’ greatly increases the amount of…


Grief is the Thing With Feathers

By Megan Daley | Feb 21, 2020
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“Moving on, as a concept, is for stupid people, because any sensible person knows grief is a long-term project. I refuse to rush. Max Porter ‘Grief is the Thing With Feathers’ Crappy grief week but please no pity. The light and the dark co-exist and I think I do a…


‘The Call of the Wild’ Movie Giveaway!

By Megan Daley | Feb 20, 2020
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Thanks to Twentieth Century Studios, I have *five* double movie passes + books of the classic tale, ‘The Call of the Wild’. To enter, just comment here on or Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with who you’d love to take along! It’s been SO MANY YEARS since I read the classic…


Book People: Belinda Murrell

By Megan Daley | Feb 15, 2020
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Belinda Murrell is one of my favourites in the kidlit world. Am I even allowed to have favourites?! She is a completely wonderful person and a damn great writer to boot. One of her ‘Pippa’s Island’ novels is dedicated to PudStar, who reviewed the series here and here and who…


Book People: Lyn White

By Megan Daley | Feb 6, 2020
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When I grow up I think I’d like to be Lyn White. She’s a teacher librarian, editor, marketing guru – she’s all of the things I love rolled into one. I’m always saying to my students at school ‘when I grow up I’d like to be…’ (usually it’s the owner…


United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Book Club: Reading for the Future

By Megan Daley | Feb 5, 2020
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17 Goals for People, for Planet As part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the UN Member states developed the Sustainable Development Goals as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and improve the lives and prospects of everyone, everywhere. The Sustainable Development Goals, ‘provide a global…


Book People: Ursula Dubosarsky

By Megan Daley | Jan 15, 2020

Ursula Dubosarsky is one of the finest writers in the country. Her books are sophisticated yet still accessible and each one is utterly unique; she seems to flit between genres effortlessly and each new book is a delightful surprise. Yes I am fangirling. You would to if you’d read as…