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Girl Zone Book Club

By Megan Daley | Jul 17, 2019
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I have enjoyed running my Year Six ‘Girl Zone Book Club’ for many years now. The school I work at is all girls, hence ‘Girl Zone’, but I have run similar styles of book clubs at boys schools and co-ed schools. I even had a stint running a book club…


Book People: Amelia McInerney

By Megan Daley | Jul 15, 2019
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A tale so tall you will pinch yourself. Get set for one shell of a story, as this crabby crustacean grabs life by the claws! I’ve always wanted to be minimalist. One of those people that shows restraint in all things, most especially in food, accessories and words. Not a…


Picture Book Perfection: How to get the Most From a Shared Reading

By Megan Daley | Jun 6, 2019
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High quality contemporary picture books are works of art and the best way I know to teach visual literacy and dive deeply into critical thinking and discussion with both the very young, and with tweens and teens.  The language in quality picture books is often complex and the storylines sophisticated…


Engaging and Encouraging Reluctant Readers – Guest Post for ‘Planning with Kids’

By Megan Daley | May 19, 2019
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I have been reading Planning With Kids for a very long time now, since I had PudStar in 2008. Nicole Avery’s incredibly successful blog and website has always been one of my favourite online reads and even though I have very little time to read the writing of others these…


Mother’s Day

By Megan Daley | May 1, 2019
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All families are different and I try very hard to feature books here on my blog for all families. You will find children’s books about mothers and mother figures in this post here. Mothers’ Day can be a beautiful day of honouring your mum or mother figure, or it may be…


Two Years is Such a Very Short Time

By Megan Daley | Apr 28, 2019
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Two years is such a very short time in #grieftown. When my brother died unexpectedly in 2012 I spoke about feeling like I was in a place, far from everyone else and I affectionately hashtagged it #grieftown. When my favourite aunt died unexpectedly in 2017 I remember posting online about…


Cover Design: Jo Hunt

By Megan Daley | Apr 11, 2019
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There’s that old saying, ‘you can’t judge a book by its cover’. But you know what? We all do – yes even teacher librarians like myself. Unless we are hunting down a specific title, it is often the cover of a book which will first attract our attention. Young children,…


‘Raising Readers’: Five Weeks Until Publication

By Megan Daley | Feb 26, 2019
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This Tuesday marks 5 weeks until my book, ‘Raising Readers’ is officially out in the world. This realisation is exciting and terrifying in equal measure; somehow I have written a book, an actual book with a cover and endpapers and an ISBN. I’ve always wanted an ISBN. ‘How Did ‘Raising…


Stories in All Forms: Stories in Silver

By Megan Daley | Feb 21, 2019
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If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you will know that I love a local online jewellery store by the name of Oh My Giddy Aunt – this is not a sponsored post just a personal recommendation. I have all manner of bling from Oh My Giddy…


Literary Tour to Shanghai International Literary Festival

By Megan Daley | Jan 29, 2019
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‘Travelling Book Club’ week in Shanghai. Literature, inspiration, conversation, authentic cuisine and truly absorbing explorations of old and new China. This post is not sponsored in any way, I just had to share the details because this is my kind of holiday and one day I’ll go! I have been…