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The smallest bee (5 years old) and I had a #kiddate at QPAC last night, to see ‘Bluey’s Big Play The Stage Show’.

Me: So Bluey on the stage is going to be a puppet show with a ‘real life’ Bluey and Bingo puppets that are super big!
Smallest Bee (quizzical look on face): The people working the puppets must have big hands.

So after an educational chat on the drive in about all the puppet shows I’ve seen at QPAC, what puppeteers do and how there are all sorts of large and small puppets, the small bee and I entered the theatre primed for both Bluey and a theatre production. I always think it’s wise to prepare young theatre goers about the style of the production, the fact it will be dark, theatre etiquette and a telling of the story they are to see using a book (if possible) so they can follow the storyline on stage. I’ll never forget taking some small people to see Angelina Ballerina the ballet at QPAC and one of them loudly yelling at me from five seats away, ‘but there are no words Megan! When will they talk Megan?!’…it was a long 90 minutes.

Bluey needs absolutely no introduction. This multiple award winning television series, created and produced in Brisbane, captures everything that is family life – joy and laughter, tough times and poignant moments, chaos and calm. The seven minute television episode is pitch perfect, the spin off books are fantastic fun and Bluey’s leap to the stage with ‘Bluey’s Big Play The Stage Show’ is a glorious extension of the Empire of Bluey. There is nothing that I do not adore about Bluey.

‘Bluey’s Big Play The Stage Show’ entirely entranced the smallest bee and it was as wonderful to watch the unbridled excitement and wonder on his face as it was to watch the actual stage production. To hold the attention of an overtired prep child on a week night is no small task but the cast, music and voiceovers did a sterling job, with Chatterbox and a bubble-ish ending to the production only adding to the joy. I am seriously considering taking The Beekeeper and all four of our children (ranging from five to thirteen years old) back next week – it is that good.

A nuanced production full of magic is what we have come to expect from all that is Bluey and ‘Bluey’s Big Play The Stage Show’ is no exception. Take a bow Bluey people!

Image Credit: Darren Thomas

PS – How proud are Brisbane types of Bluey? I was actually beside myself when I found out that our extended family hangout, the Ashgrove Country Club (let me assure you it is not as fancy as it sounds…really), features in Bluey. I now even follow a Bluey Locations Instagram account and fully admit to being a Bluey tragic. If only they would add in a stepparent episode or feature a library, or perhaps even a beekeeper, my life would be complete!

You can read more about the production of the QPAC stage show here and book tickets here.

‘Bluey’s Big Play The Stage Show’ features an original story by Bluey creator Joe Brumm and new music by Bluey composer, Joff Bush. Presented by BBC Studios and Andrew Kay in association with QPAC’s Out of the Box and
Windmill Theatre Co. ‘Bluey’s Big Play The Stage Show’ stars the Heeler family, Bluey, Bingo, Bandit and Chilli in their first live theatre show.

Director Rosemary Myers; Written by Joe Brumm; Designer Jonathon Oxlade; Music by Joff Bush; Puppetry Director Jacob Williams.

Image Credit: Darren Thomas

If you like all things theatre, check out my interview here with Artistic director Nell Lee about the process of adapting a book for the stage.

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  1. Virginia Lowe on May 22, 2021 at 2:08 am

    Dear Megan, have just finished Raising Readers, and found it very satisfying, i particularly approved of the face that you prefer to read the story straight through, So many (mainly American) how to books, recommend stopping reading to discuss the make up of the book, the definition of a word etc etc. You believer the story itself is the most important part, which i do too.
    Interesting to read a current take on the digital aspects. My study was begun almost 50 years ago, and even the book itself (‘Stories, Pictures and Reality: Two Children Tell’. Routledge 2007) was published almost 15 years ago. computer games were in their infancy – though son did play ‘Dungeons and Dragons’, which is the same only in paper form.
    I also was a school (and public) librarian many years ago.
    I liked your idea of having guests writers from various areas in the children’s literature world. Worked well…
    Anyway, just to say that it was a great read, and i agreed with you almost completely. It was a joy to read. You may enjoy mine. Warm regards, Virginia
    Dr Virginia Lowe
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    Stories, Pictures and Reality: Two children tell (Routledge 2007)

    Lines Between Virginia and John Lowe (Melbourne Poets Union 2018)

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