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I asked my soon-to-be-nine niece what she would like for her birthday somewhat dreading the answer. She replied that she knew I would get her books (clearly I am the Book Aunty) and that she also really wanted a spy kit. I nearly fainted with excitement and couldn’t get out of the house fast enough to put together the perfect spy kit to go with the books I had already purchased for her; my most favourite series for girls age 7+, ‘Truly Tan’ – WHO IS AN EXCELLENT SPY. It was TOO perfect. Too perfect. I admit I was over-excited. My full review of the ‘Truly Tan’ series is here.

Truly Tan Spy Kit PudStar and I headed straight to the favourite shop of all children (and adults with stationery issues), Smiggle, in search of spy accessories to match the ‘Truly Tan’ books. Notebook, pen and notepads were collected and then PudStar spied a matching book light – to read ‘Truly Tan’ late at night in secret. Smiggle is magical, it really is. I’ve tried to resist its charms but seriously the place is like a lollyshop without the sugar – it sends young children and their parents into an OTT excitable frenzy and everyone walks out with bags full of brightly coloured odds and ends which provide hours of entertainment without a sticky and sugary mess.

Binoculars, headlamp and spy sunglasses were added and ta-dah – may I present to you the best gift for every book loving, spy loving, Smiggle loving seven – ten year olds. And yes I even got author Jen Storer to sign the books. Pat on the back to me – I think I may have out-done myself in the book gift department.


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