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Book Week 2015: Books Light Up Our World

Happy Book Week readers! The 2015 Children’s Book Week theme is ‘Books Light up our World’ – fabulous opportunities to talk with our young people about books shining light on all manner of local and global situations, books being guiding lights in our lives and, of course, a chance to shine the spotlight on some of the best children’s literature available. book-lamp-660x495

For You…

  • A few quotes below that you might like to pinch for your library or for social media!
  • I’ve written an article for Kidspot this week on ‘Bringing Book Week Home’ which might be a good one to share with your parent community…you can see the full article here.  Lots of ideas for celebrating Book Week in the home or library environment. Hope you find it useful!
  • I have 10 giveaways happening all this week on Instagram and Facebook and for newsletter subscribers. Sign up to the once weekly newsletter here.  Books-Light-Up-Our-World-Poster-660x462

May you LOVE (and survive!) Book Week – hand me the Nurofen.

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