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Review of the ‘ABC Book of Children’s Cakes’

Written by Kathy Knudsen

Publisher: Harper Collins


I am the baker of family birthday cakes…please do indulge me and take a moment to scroll through this post here and look at my cakes! They are mostly the kids birthday party cakes…but I also love baking cakes for the grown ups and cupcakes. I could bake all day. I bake to de-stress and I bake because I love the flavours and the sweetness – as evidenced in my recent post about homemade musk sticks.

I firmly believe that you cannot be a parent in Australia until you own the ‘Woman’s Weekly Kids Birthday Cakes Book’ and this has been my go-to book for so long now. However…as all in the house are rather enamoured with Peppa Pig and Playschool (in my next life I am going to read book on Playschool for a living) so I decided we also needed the ‘ABC Book of Children’s Cakes’. One could of course just google a cake and have a go, but let me assure you that it is $13.50 well spent to buy the book with the instructions and patterns! You will thank me the night before your kids party as you are icing and decorating with confidence.

Author Kathy Knudsen is a Sydney-based chef and cake decorator with more than 20 years experience as a chef, food editor, food stylist and recipe developer. In her, ‘ABC Book Of Children’s Cakes’ you’ll find all your favourite ABC TV characters from Giggle and Hoot, Peppa Pig, Charlie & Lola, In the Night Garden, Play School, Bananas in Pyjamas, Bob the Builder and Angelina Ballerina.

The Wild Thing was keen to make Hootabelle or Lola for Dan for his birthday. Thankfully, PudStar  talked her into Big Ted – seemed more appropriate! Hootabelle is up next.


The mouth and nose and then the eyes were taken by little fingers! Teddy Cake



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