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Those tricky middle primary readers huh? There is such huge variance in their reading ages and stages and that’s not even taking into consideration their reading interests. The list below is a combination of the top borrowed books in my school library this year and my own personal favourites. The list is not long enough to cover every book I love for this age range but I really had to stop somewhere! Comment on this post with others you would add.

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‘Pippa’s Island’ series by Belinda Murrell

‘The Pearl of Tiger Bay’ by Gabrielle Wang

‘Just a Dog’ by Michael Gerard Bauer

‘Ophelia and the Marvellous Boy’ by Karen Foxlee

‘The Extremely Inconvenient Adventures of Bronte Mettlestone’ by Jaclyn Moriarty. Illustrated by Kelly Canby

‘The Mapmaker Chronicles’ series by Allison Tait

‘The Ateban Cipher’ series by Allison Tait

‘Figgy’ series by Tamsin Janu

‘The Grand Genius Summer of Henry Hoobler’ by Lisa Shanahan

‘Mrs Whitlam’ by Bruce Pascoe

‘Kingdom of Silk’ series by Glenda Millard

‘Everything I’ve Never Said’ by Samantha Wheeler

‘Lockie Leonard, Legend’ by Tim Winton

Our Race for Reconciliation’ by Anita Heiss

‘Black Cockatoo’ by Carl Merrison and Hakea Hustler

‘Peski Kids’ series  by R. A. Spratt

‘Withering-by-Sea’ series by Judith Rossell

‘Henry Hoey Hobson’ by Christine Bongers

‘Mosquito Advertising: The Parfizz Pitch’ by Kate Hunter

‘Friday Barnes’ series by R. A.  Spratt

‘Misery Guts’ series by Morris Gleitzman

‘Con- Nerd’ series and others by Oliver Phommavanh

‘Tom Weekly’ series by Tristan Bancks and Gus Gordon

‘Toad Rage’ series by Morris Gleitzman

‘Mr Bambuckle’s Remarkables’ series by Tim Harris. Illustrated by James Hart

‘Samurai Vs Ninja’ by Nick Falk and Tony Flowers

‘Captain Jimmy Cook Discovers’ series by Kate Temple and Jol Temple. Illustrated by Jon Foye

‘Eric Vale’ series by Michael Gerard Bauer, illustrated by Joe Bauer

‘Gastronauts’ by James Foley

‘Beatrice Zinker Upside Down Thinker’ series by Shelley Johannes


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  1. Bree Coates on Nov 27, 2018 at 1:48 am

    My daughter has enjoyed lots of the books you mentioned. She also adores the Alice Miranda and Kensy and Max series by Jacqueline Harvey and Deborah Abela’s Spelling Bee series.

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