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Book Party: EJ12 Rocks!

As you may have gathered, I’m rather a fan of book parties. Seriously what’s not to love? The theming is done for you, often there are enough food mentions in books that the catering ideas are done, and the dress-up ideas are organised. You can see all our Book Parties here.

My niece recently turned nine and was super-keen on a disco party. As I can tie any theme to a book, I grabbed one of my favourite EJ12 books, ‘Rocky Road’ and suggested this would be the perfect book tie-in. As the aunt who is the book-giver and the cake-maker I hold much sway in party planning matters (or I like to think I do – actually I was keen for her to have a Bollywood party – but apparently it wasn’t about me?).


The microphone cake was surprisingly easy and to be honest our family is more into the taste of the cake (orange and cardamom with cream cheese icing if you’re interested!) than the appearance – fondant fanciers we are NOT.

Disco Party READY

Disco Party READY

So microphone cake and disco cake pops it was. And in keeping with book-giving tradition I gave her a ‘Truly Tan Spy Kit’ – which is much loved.

P1170876 P1170873

P1170864 P1170860

If you 5+ girl has not yet discovered the ‘EJ Spy School’ and  ‘EJ12’ books, published by Scholastic. I highly recommend them for action packed adventure and some strong girl characters. There is far too many to list here but a few of my favourites, and some packs are below. Click on the titles or images to purchase from Booktopia.

This first ‘pack’ is for very beginning readers, from 5+. I purchased all 8 titles for about $50 and they have done us for a good few months as PudStar has just started reading chapter books (she is 5). Spy School

The EJ12 books follow on from ‘EJ Spy School’ and are for 6-9 year olds, or capable younger readers.

time-to-shine rocky-road kimono-code in-the-dark ej12-shine-issue-spy-boxed-set disco2 disco3 disco4

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