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Book Party: Flower Fairies

My sister and I grew up pouring over the Flower Fairy books by Cicely Mary Baker, so it was no surprise to me that when her little girl requested a fairy party, it was heavy on Cicely Mary Baker!

the-complete-book-of-the-flower-fairies There are few illustrators who have been able to match her exquisite fairies…though I do have a few suggestions below. We gave the birthday girl the following fairy books to add to her collection: ‘The Fairy Who Wouldn’t Fly’; ‘Lili-Pili’s Sister’ (lovely one for a pregnant mama like my sister!); ‘The Little Fairy Sister’ and ‘The Forget-me-Not Fairies’ which I’ve reviewed in full here.

Click on titles of books to add these books to your home, school or library collection.

Books for Little Fairies

This Flower Fairy party had all the right ingredients and was a low key and relaxed family and close ‘village’ members event – given my sister is two weeks out from having a second baby! It had:

A cute as a button birthday girl in a fairy dress (grub roses added by her nan/great grandmother!)

DSC01464 DSC01458

Cousins (five female cousins in total) and friends and fairy stools. Not sure WHAT sort of face The Wild Thing is pulling but she wanted to be a dragon, not a fairy. Enough said.

Flower Fairies

Cicely Mary Baker bunting using book pages sewn together by my sister.

DSC01433 DSC01430

Healthy fairy food (sheesh even the chocolate crackles were healthy ones!) and nan’s passionfruit melting moments.


DSC01440 DSC01438

Nearby coffeeshop with Toby’s Estate Coffee for frazzled parents and grandparents.


Doting parents.


Nonna to theme the tables, she is NOT happy with the additions to this tree that the children made BTW (one day my sister and I hope to be as well themed and styled as she!).

DSC01578 DSC01424 Flower Fairies

Papa to mind extremely cute bubs of village members.


Nan (great grandma) to make fondant flowers and biscuits, crochet daisies and provide underpants for The Wild Thing (who has taken to removing underpants in public), as well as provide sneaky lollies to five great granddaughters.

Flower Fairies

A felt fairy handmade by a friend (Anna from Hey Bubbles – who has the best byline EVER on a blog…’My Curated Life’). I am coveting this fairy just BTW…the pattern can be purchased here. 


Ice-cream Duplo (am also coveting this BTW).


Balloons stolen from another fairy party at the same park (yes they DID score those balloons – WINNING).


There was also a rather excellent cake with a fairy archway – but for some reason I didn’t take a photo of it!

Happy Birthday Little Flower Fairy!

Flower Fairy Books


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