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I asked on Facebook earlier this week if it was just me that gifted books, new PJ’s and eggs for Easter. I’ve always done it, my family gifted me the same and I wondered if it was a common thing. Seems books and PJ’s + eggs is indeed ‘the go’ and it’s not just a librarian thing! I suppose the PJ’s is a change of season thing and the Easter holidays are always a grand time to read and eat chocolate; it’s the perfect gift combo really!

This year I’m gifting the following Easter themed books to the little neices and nephews and I’d highly recommend them if you are wanting some books which tell the story of Easter. I’ve also included some links to Easter gifts for young and old alike that I’ve purchased for family members and teachers.  The Ruby Olive ‘egg’ earrings and necklaces are genius and sugar free.

The Books!

If you want a book that will last longer than Easter, then one of the books in the ‘Squish Rabbit’ series of picture books (and board books) is the best pick for Easter. Every little person in my family is getting ‘Squish Rabbit’s Pet’, which is my current favourite picture book, and not just because it is about getting a pet and caring for your pet. The Squish books have a gentle quality to them, as well as a sense of joy and wonder…they really are must-haves and I regularly purchase them as newborn or toddler gifts. Squish Rabbit is a divine little character and I have been enamoured with him since the very first Squish book, which I reviewed here back in 2012!

The ‘Origami Festivals: Easter’ one we’ll use at our family egg hunt on Easter Sunday as a ‘let’s all calm down’ activity after the crazy running around. I love an activity book and the origami in this one is simple enough for beginner paper folders. It has some pages which talk about the origins of Easter, the story of Easter and what Easter celebrations look like around the world. It’s a slim little volume but I’m really happy with the amount of information and origami that is smashed in there!

‘Bilby Secrets’ is a fabulous option for readers 6-10. It’s a narrative non-fiction and contains a story of a native Australian bilby as well as lots of non-fiction information about bilbies. This is my favourite ‘introduction to non-fiction’ series – the ‘Nature Storybooks’ series. Pair it with a chocolate bilby.

Likewise ‘George the Bilby Chef’ is a great ‘not too Eastery’ choice and features a bilby rather than a bunny. This was ChickPea’s fav book last Easter and we still make the raspberry muffin recipe from this book. Really adore the gentle illustrations in this one.

‘E is for Easter’ is a board book suitable for babies, toddlers and beginning readers’. It’s a super duper cute, old fashioned looking book that is going to delight grandparents as much as little people. I really love the colour palette in this one and to be honest I wish I had a few more little nieces and nephews I could get this one for! ‘A is for awake, B is for basket, C is for church, D is for decorate, E is for Easter, F is for family, G is for garden, H is for hunt…’. Each letter has a full page picture and while the families pictured are fairly traditional, the illustrations are full of joy and they are completely retro, which makes me smile.

If you’re after a gift for the whole family – I do so love a shared family gift, we purchased this beautiful set of Peter Rabbit books many years ago and they are still adored. Love this as a shared Easter gift so much.

For a Peter Rabbit option for a baby or toddler this board book set was my go-to gift for a while and is so well priced.

If you are after non-Easter themed books for older readers – see my ‘Top Twenty’ lists here – lots of suggestions for holiday reading!

The Sugar Free Adult Gift!

Genius work Ruby Olive! As soon as this deliciousness appeared in my social media feed I clicked through. I mean these earrings and ‘bunches of eggs’ necklaces are pretty much essential Easter accessories, but thankfully they can then be worn all year round. Darn well love them and I can’t decide which are my fav combos! Have purchased these as teacher gifts and I’m hoping the girls teachers will be as happy with these as with chocolate!

The New Season PJ’s!

Obviously there is the very large PJ company owned by a man with a cute dog – and they have some super cute options. But I’m all about supporting small business and The Nightie Night Lane nighties and PJ’s have been without a doubt the best PJ’s they have ever had – and there is ranges for boys and girls. One of the very first nighties I ever got would be going on five years old and has been handed down and down and it still looks brand new. The quality is exceptional – like uber exceptional. Get on it. My girls are getting the Cottontail nightie and PJ’s, but we have something from most ranges…and I’m going to be SO SAD when we reach the end of the size range, perhaps they will start doing teen and adult ranges!

The Eggs!

Well I’ll leave that up to you, but my girls are getting chocolate bilbies and I am hoping SOMEONE IN MY LIFE (anyone?!) will buy my eggs or ALL OF THE THINGS from New Farm Confectionery becuase #seriosulycheckthemout.

…and last but not least? Sterling silver Bilby or egg charms from Oh My Giddy Aunt are perfect…just perfect. If you purchase from Oh My Giddy Aunt, don’t forget to use the code ‘CBD’ to get a sterling silver charm for free with your order.

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