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I’ll be on Facebook live over at Children’s Books Daily on Friday 8th Feb at 4pm (Brisbane time) talking about all these books! 

I feel like I’m jumping on a bandwagon with the Barefoot Investor book but I was incredibly impressed with his tips about pocket money and kids and all his advice was just so darned sensible. The netball journal is my new best friend because I’ve twice now found the 7 year old in the backyard doing drills from the book (yay!) and I figure it’s excellent prep for the netball season which is about to get underway here in Brisbane! ‘Bob’ was recommended by a dear friend – in fact she insisted I read it – and now I know why, tis just beautiful.

To purchase any of these titles from Booktopia or read more about them – click on title links!

‘Sporty Kids’ series by Felice Arena. Illustrated by Tom Jellett. (The series is available through Apple Books here)

‘My Incredible Netball Journal’ by Sue Cox, Eliza McCann

‘Bob’ by Wendy Mass & Rebecca Stead. Illustrated by Nicholas Gannon

‘Barefoot Investor Families’ by Scott Pape

‘Amelia Chamelia’ series by Laura Sieveking. Illustrated by Alyssa Bermudez


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