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This week we had our latest Girl Zone Book Club meeting – a group I run for Year Six students and a significant woman in their life – mother, aunt, grandma, older sister, cousin, family friend…even a dad or uncle will do. This Book Club is an opportunity to talk, laugh and learn through a shared love of reading. For more books targeted at tween and teen readers please see my lists for readers 12 years+ here. For YA books please see here.

Book Clubs help us to…

Connect with others through a shared love of literature

Discuss the big ideas and messages in literature

Personally connect with a story or character

We are about to embark on our latest read, ‘The Endsister’ by Penni Russon, a book which I first spied in the online storytelling community, Storybird.  I have a feeling book club members are very much going to enjoy this one…




Title: The Endsister’
Author: Peni Russon
Age Range: 10-14 years
Themes: siblings, family, sense of place, home, moving, supernatural, ghosts.

There is nothing I enjoy more than falling into a book and not wanting to leave and this was certainly my experience reading ‘The Endsister’, which has just the right amount of magic and is a multi-layered, heartfelt and heartwarming story of a family weaving the past and the present into their lives.

The Outhwaite children. There’s teenage Else, the violinist who abandons her violin. There’s nature-loving Clancy. There’s the inseparable twins, Oscar-and-Finn, Finn-and-Oscar. And then there is Sibbi, the baby of the family. They all live contentedly squabbling in a cottage surrounded by trees and possums…until a letter arrives to say they have inherited the old family home in London. 

Outhwaite House is full of old shadows and new possibilities. The boys quickly find their feet in London, and Else is hoping to reinvent herself. But Sibbi is misbehaving, growing thinner and paler by the day, and she won’t stop talking about the mysterious endsister. Meanwhile Almost Annie and Hardly Alice, the resident ghosts, are tied to the house for reasons they have long forgotten, watching the world around them change, but never leaving.

The one thing they all agree on – the living and the dead – is never, ever to open the attic door…

This one is a must-read for tweens and I’m confident the adult members of our book club will also enjoy this one.

As we will soon be on school holidays, I also recommened a number of other reads for tweens, which are listed below.

Click on title links to purchase from Booktopia or search iTunes using the iBooks ad on the righthand side of this page. 

‘The Endsister’ by Penni Russon

‘The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate’ by Jacqueline Kelly

The Snow Pony’ by Alison Lester

‘First Class Murder’ by Robin Stevens

‘Out of My Mind’ by Sharon M. Draper

‘Murder Most Unladylike’ by Robin Stevens

‘Dragonfly Song’ and ‘Swallow’s Dance’ by Wendy Orr

‘Raymie Nightingale’ by Kate DiCamillo

‘Freedom Swimmer’ by Wai Chim

‘Whimsy and Woe’ by Rebecca McRitchie

If you are not a member of our bookclub, you may also like to dip into our reads for the year, listed below.

Click on title links to purchase from Booktopia

‘When You Reach Me’ by Rebecca Stead

‘A Wrinkle in Time’ by Madeleine L’Engle

‘The Forgotten Pearl’ by Belinda Murrell

‘The War That Saved My Life’ by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

‘Amal Unbound’ by Aisha Saeed

‘The Mulberry Tree’ by Allison Rushby

‘How to Bee’ by Bren MacDibble

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