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I do so love it when Jazzy sends me an email with another of her reviews. I adore reading good reviews by young people and I often use the reviews of Jazzy as examples in Extension English classes. Her reviews are always insightful and her authentic voice shines through in them…you can read more of her reviews on her blog here or by clicking on the ‘child review’ category on my blog.

Today Jazzy is reviewing the very first in title in the Ruby Redfort series, ‘Look into my Eyes’. The Year Six girls at my school adore Ruby so they will be stoked with this review. I was out with some of them (and their mums!) last Tuesday night at Avid Reader Bookshop and they were jumping up and down about the FINAL in the series being out THAT DAY and how many copies was I going to buy for the library. Ha!

In the photo below, Jazzy has the new covers (very fancy Jazzy!) but as I have all the old/original covers in my library, I had to purchase the series final with the old style hardcover because it’s very important for all the covers in a series to match…in my world anyway!

Thank you Jazzy!ruby-redfort‘So, how did I do?’ said Ruby. ‘Oh that,’ replied Hitch. ‘Yes, well done – thirty-six out of thirty-seven. Not bad.’ ‘I got one wrong?’ said Ruby, dumbfounded. He winked. ‘Nah kid, I’m just messing with you.’


Meet the extraordinarily clever Ruby Redfort, a 13-year-old whizz who is so smart that she reads War and Peace in the original Russian. A secret agency notices Ruby and requests her help with a mission. Take an amazing and unpredictable journey with Ruby as she strives to become a real agent.


‘Ruby Redfort: Look into my Eyes’ is the first book in a popular ‘tween series. Funnily enough, this made me NOT want to read it. I have been hearing about it for soooo long. If you follow my blog you will know that apart from Harry Potter I am fond of off-beat books. But it was time to find out what the fuss has all been about… Ruby Redfort is FANTASTIC! This book is mysterious and fast-paced. It made me laugh at times and is very unpredictable.xruby-redfort-look-into-my-eyes_jpg_pagespeed_ic_m178dgxsbn

The author, Lauren Child, is talented at writing books for different audiences. You might have heard of her from the Charlie and Lola series. Ruby Redfort’ is aimed at older kids.

I find it interesting that Ruby isn’t perfect – she makes mistakes that often get her in trouble. Ruby tells her friend Clancy Crew everything about the secret agency she now works for, Spectrum. This is terrible because Spectrum’s biggest and most important rule is, ‘keep it zipped’. As the story progresses Ruby steals a watch, a dog whistle and a jigsaw puzzle keyring, all by accident.

Though Ruby has some disadvantages, she has many qualities too and is a likeable heroine. She is quick-witted, shrewd and brave, always escaping trouble in the nick of time.

Ruby’s friend Clancy is very strange. He is horrible at French, though he can be amazingly imaginative. Clancy communicates in a secret code with Ruby all the time. They fold up their messages in complex tree notes, an origami design. Anyone who sees it won’t be able to fold it up the correct way, except for Clancy and Ruby. This way they can keep in touch even when they don’t have the time to visit each other’s houses and can tell whether anyone has seen what they wrote. Ingenious.

I found LB a very… interesting character. When I met her in the tenth chapter, her description was: The woman was older than her mother but not old. Dressed completely in white, she was elegant and strikingly beautiful, immaculately groomed – although in no way “dolled up”, as Mrs Digby would put it. LB never gives compliments unless she is extremely impressed. She may be strict, but means well.

I powered through ‘Ruby Redfort: Look into my Eyes’ Even though it looks thick, it is actually double-spaced! I read late into the night, trying to guess what would happen next.

I recommend the content in this book for kids at least aged 9+. It is a thinking person’s book with an exciting plot and suspenseful scenes.

I give ‘Ruby Redfort: Look into my Eyes’  five bookbolts out of five and will definitely be purchasing more of these adventures in the future.5bolt5

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