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It’s no secret that I love to feature child reviews on my blog, I have a whole tab of them here. Today we are joined again by 10 year old book blogger, Jazzy of ‘Jazzy’s Bookshelf’.  You can read Jazzy’s complete bio here, see her blog homepage here and ‘like’ her Facebook page, managed by her mum, here. A little while ago Jazzy reviewed ‘Mystery and Mayhem’ by Poppy Inkwell.  Thank you Jazzy! jasreads2

I am a great Emily Rodda fan because her books are imaginative and completely my style. I was absolutely thrilled when I was sent one of her latest books, Star of Deltora: Shadows of the Master. Thanks, Children’s Books Daily for giving me the brilliant opportunity to review this novel. shadows-of-the-master THE GIST

This fantasy/adventure story is about a young lady named Britta whose father was a trader. On a quest to find the powerful Staff of Tier his ship the Star of Deltora went missing. Britta, her older sister and her mother’s hearts were broken and they had to go into hiding because he had abandoned his crewmates once he had found the Staff. Britta lives in shame but still longs to be a trader and sail the vast ocean. Years later, she is given a note while working at her family’s’ shop telling her to visit her elderly friend Captain Gripp, immediately. She stops by and finds out she is to enter a competition to try out for the role of apprentice to Mab, a legendary sailor. She is eager to win this once-in-a-lifetime chance to become a trader like her father before her.


This novel’s first chapter is written in the villain’s point-of-view and includes vivid memories of his. These memories are important to the story because they include some of the people Britta meets at the Traders’ Hall later on. The story then switches to Britta’s observations, written in the first person. As Emily Rodda’s usual style is a page-turner, so is this.

Britta makes a great heroine. She isn’t perfect and has a dramatic history. When her father was possessed by the Staff of Tier he caused the deaths of Mikah and the ship’s crew. Her family was devastated and she would tiptoe to Captain Gripp’s house to seek comfort and play games with him. Gripp is an enthusiastic and understanding character that treats Britta like his own daughter.

One of the characters drove me completely BONKERS – a portly, manly woman named Zoolah. When she meets Britta, she hates her from first looks. She thinks she is cheap, revolting and worthless. Zoolah’s job is as the Senior Managing Officer of the Rosalyn Trust. She considers herself very important and is bossy and easily offended. Zoolah was driven crazy when her brother, Mikah was found tied to the steering wheel of the Star of Deltora, dead. This causes friction between Zoolah and Britta, whose father was responsible.

I recommend this book to children over the age of ten because of ‘tween themes and scary stories told by the people in the village. I give Shadows of the Master 5 bookbolts out of 5 as it is a great book exploding with lots of creativity. It is the first book in the new Star of Deltora series and I can’t wait for the next one to be released. 5bolt5
Publisher: An Omnibus Book for Scholastic Australia
ISBN: 978 1 74299 062 0

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