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“Love is love,” declared Barack Obama, in the aftermath of the supreme court’s landmark decision on gay marriage on Friday,  “and this ruling is a victory for America. This decision affirms what millions of Americans already believe in their hearts: when all Americans are treated as equal we are all more free.” Well done America and may Australia swiftly follow in this decision. It’s ridiculous we’re still even talking about it actually.rainbow profile

Don’t talk about politics or religion ‘they’ say; apparently these topics are bad for business. But this is MY blog, my own little slice of the interwebs, where I ramble to my hearts content about books I love…and I’m pretty bossy and unable to keep my mouth shut anyway. I’ll post about what I want.

Lets start with religion: well the God I know IS love and doesn’t care much for arguments about who can and cannot get married. And now move to politics:  I LOVE Australia and will never live anywhere else long term, but sometimes (lots lately actually) I”m pretty embarrassed about the politics and the politicians we seem to put in power.

Love is Love

Back to books…

To add these books to your home, school or library collection click on covers or title links.

Tonight we read ‘God’s Dream’ and ‘Stella Brings the Family’ at bedtime, and we talked about what happened in America today and it was goooood. Bedtime books need not be fluffy puppies, blooming sunflowers and chubby, smiling babies – not that there is anything wrong with any of those things but bedtime books is my time with my children and it is sometimes the one time in a day that I STOP and talk with them and listen to them. Also? Don’t know about your life, but mine isn’t all puppies, flowers and babies. My life is chaotic and busy and I am constantly go, go, go. All the time. I don’t sleep much. I don’t sit still. I do too many things. Ask anyone. But reading books to PudStar and Chickpea at night makes me stop. I can’t be on my phone (mostly!), I can’t be washing or cleaning or working. I can only be reading books and discussing them with my children.  More on bedtime books here.

Bedtime books is a time, for me anyway, to discuss some of the big issues in life and far from sending little brains off to sleep worrying – I think we send them off to sleep full of wonder and with lots of dream fodder. We read books about the cycle of life, friendships and playground politics, books about difference and equality and all the wild and crazy wonders of the world…and sometimes books about puppies, flowers and babies. A balanced reading diet is as important as a balanced food diet (says me who has absolutely no balance in her food diet).Love is Love Bedtime Books ChickPea

The books below are ones you might like to consider for your own home or school library to discuss some of the issues talked about in the media today. This is just a few I have at home and ones we love. For older children, the beautiful, ever-talented, ever-with-her-nose-in-book Trish has written me a post about LGTB* books for a YA audience here and I’ve nearly finished every single one of them (told you I would Trish).god-s-dream

‘God’s Dream’ (board book edition) is really nothing to do with marriage equality but it IS to do with love, kindness, acceptance and empathy and it IS written by Desmond Tutu. The version above is the board book edition, hardcover full size is here. ‘God’s Dream’ made Eden cry the other night when she read it to ChickPea – and I do so love a book which can move the reader to tears. Do you know how many times a school term I cry in front of my students whilst reading a book?

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